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RoboForm 7.5.6

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RoboForm 7.5.6  Cambio de registro

  • McAfee SiteAdvisor crashes RoboForm, because they corrupt ref count. Try to get around it.
  • Enterprise: Fix Master Password recovery.
  • Chrome: implement Basic Authentication dialog save and fill.
  • Opera: fix Fill&Submit does not work in Opera.
  • Firefox: fix customized toolbar position may be lost sometimes.
  • Firefox, Chrome: implement selective form filling (fills selected document range).
  • Firefox, Chrome, Opera: multiple miscellaneous form filler fixes.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix phone prefixes were not added to phones fields.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix password field was cleared before clicking submit button.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix auto-flll without asking sometimes works even when turned off.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix not working on
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix not firing key press events.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix SaveForms always thinks that there are changed fields.
  • Firefox, Chrome: pass identity options to JS form filler.
  • Firefox: fix warnings in Error console about incorrect value on 'min-width'.
  • Firefox: fix AutoSave on multi-frame web pages.
  • Firefox: fix Set/Reset/Clear fields command does not handle forms in iframes.
  • Firefox: opening link in Firefox from external program produces error message 'file not found'.
  • Firefox: do not require Firefox program name to be firefox.exe.
  • Firefox: bump up supported versions to 10.
  • Fix RoboForm Virtual Keyboard: Clicking edge of any key does not type in a char clicked.
  • Firefox: fix RF installer/setup sometime may not force refresh of RF addon.
  • AutoSave: fix crashes on certain sequences.

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