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RoboForm 7.6.2

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RoboForm 7.6.2  Cambio de registro

  • Chrome: fix login on a passcard sometimes stops after navigation.
  • Firefox/Chrome/Opera: speed up adapter in regular browsing.
  • Firefox: fixed crashes related to using own build of Gecko SDK - use official build.
  • Firefox: fix AutoFill does not appear for tabs open in background.
  • Firefox: fix filling from identity may not work sometimes.
  • Firefox: fix selective form filling may not work in release build.
  • Firefox: fix customized toolbar positioning on browser restart.
  • Firefox: show ampersand in file names correctly.
  • Firefox: fix monochrome site icons are not drawn in RF toolbar.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix keyboard shortcuts not working on some keyboard layouts.
  • Firefox, Chrome: do not scroll browser to fields being filled.
  • Chrome: fix sometimes Basic Auth dialog is not filled.
  • Fix installer always opens IE instead of default browser on WinXP or Win7 without UAC.
  • Installer: do not offer to install RoboForm 7.5 into Firefox 3 and older.
  • IE 9: fix pressing of ALT after RF processed keyboard shortcut calls RF.
  • Do not show searchcards in recently used and most popular lists.
  • Fix crash on corrupted site icon.
  • Fix text can not be selected using the mouse in some edit boxes.
  • Fix for Comcast login, taken from RF ver 6.

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