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Rainlendar 2.8 Beta 97  Cambio de registro

# Changes:
- Month items were not aligned correctly due to the changes made in the previous build. Fixed.
- Moved the buttons to the left in the options dialog to make it more netbook friendly.
- Added the missing "linkcolor" attribute for text items.
- Added timezone and label support for the analog clock in the Chromophore skin.
- Recurring events with until date could not always be updated to Google Calendar. Fixed.
- The FREE layout in calendar can now show also weekdays.
- Lua scripts can be run on window initialization and redraw (see Rainlendar_SetEventHandler).
- Mouse events didn't work with FREE calendar layout. The <calendar> must now define width and height which contains all the day positions for this to work.
- Fixed a crash which happened if the skin didn't have a tooltip and todo list was set to custom sort order.
- Calendar file monitoring now checks also changes in the file modification date.
- Added a small delay before the components are reloaded after changes are detected so that sequential updates cause just one operation.
- The mouse cursor changes to a hand when it is over a button.

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