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Rainlendar 2.10 Beta 116  Cambio de registro

# Changes:
* Added change field dialog to manager which allows to change field for all selected events and tasks or even convert tasks to events and vice versa.
* Changing outlook appointments showed an unnecessary error.
* The menus work again in OS X Lion. The hide dock icon setting had to be removed though.
* Added "Show adjacent days" setting and grid calendar window for the Savannah skin.
* The DigiClock in Shadow4 can also show the current date.
* Added maxheight attribute for the eventtext elements in the month view.
* Category icons were not created unless the calendar was drawn.
* Rainlendar_ListAllComponents() returns now also tasks if the date parameter is given.
* Rainlendar_SetEventHandler() can register to calendar click events.
* It was not possible to add alarms for events if multiple calendars were selected.
* Alarm dismissal is stored locally too so now it's possible to dismiss read only events too.
* Added possibility to define a default alarm for all events and tasks in the calendar.

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