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Rainlendar 2.7 Beta 86 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Rainlendar 2.7 Beta 86  Cambio de registro

* Switched back to wxWidgets 2.8.
* Setting a task completed will change the status correctly on Outlook too.
* The url field for events and tasks can now use wiki style link formatting.
* The todo list settings (e.g. the sorting orders) can be changed now from the options too.
* Added support for "exevents" for the xml format skins.
* Added a special "<Hidden>" category which hides the event/task from other windows except the alarm.
* Fixed a crash bug when the calendar is reloaded at the same time the user chose an event from the menu.
* The year, month and day in the keywords can be replaced with YYYY, MM and DD to represent the next date from today. E.g. "[days=YYYY0101]".
* Added possibility to define the height and width for the Shadow4's calendar window from the settings.

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