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Rainlendar 2.0 Lite

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Rainlendar 2.0 Lite  Cambio de registro

o Moved the focus away from the weekday field in the options dialog.
o Alarm time is shown as days if the time can be divided with 1440 mins.
o The list in Manager dialog preserves the selection after an event has been edited.
o Alarm time was shown incorrectly in the manager. Fixed.
o Outlook can now import the files exported from Rainlendar.
o Editing an event or task will reset the alarm (i.e. it will pop up again).
o Snoozing alarms from context menu didn't work. Fixed.
o Added Window menu which can be used to hide and show the windows.
o Moved the "Unknown" header to the end of the list when todo list is sorted by due or start date.
o EventListHideDismissed hid also the future events from the event list. Fixed.
o Dropping license files onto the calendar didn't work. Fixed.
o Fixed backups with event files on relative paths and a crash in restore.
o The time in the event and todo dialogs is taken from the combo box selection instead of parsed from the string.

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