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Opera 9.10 Beta (Build 8629) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 9.10 Beta (Build 8629)  Cambio de registro

- Improved stability
- Prevented page reload when navigating to "-"
- Fixed problem where pages showed the incorrect favicon
- Fixed problem where multimedia keyboard shortcuts would not work when Opera was focused
- Attempted to fix problems experienced on some pages when using a slow Internet connection by increasing opera:config-Network|HTTPLoadingDelayedTimeout to 60 seconds
- Fixed bug where document.body.currentStyle.height reported the wrong value
- Fixed bug where currentStyle.width was not correct if width is set by a script
- Fixed bug where 'Open all' from Widgets menu was broken
- Fixed bug where BCC header was visible to recipients in resent messages
- Fixed bug where cookies could not be removed using XMLHttpRequest
- Fixed bug where one could not log in to Gmail with "Accept only cookies for the site I visit" enabled
- Changed Mozilla ID string spoof to mimic Firefox
- Fixed bug where browser.js wasn't cached correctly
- Fixed issue where stored passwords were lost after enabling/disabling the master password
- Made IE ID string spoof as Windows on Linux/UNIX and Mac
- XMLHttpRequest didn't handle redirects
- Enabled use of the Authorization header in XMLHttpRequest
- "Save target as" and "Save to disk" now play well together
- "Save directly to" now works
- Improved error message when a dictionary isn't installed for the spelling checker

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