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Opera 10.60 Beta 1 (Build 3422)  Cambio de registro

# User interface
* Improved
- Cross-document messaging
> W3C reference (
> See this Opera demo (
- Fonts for Asian languages: added sets of specific fonts to be used for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) web sites
- The ability to show suggestions in the search field when using Wikipedia
- Added "Menu" to the Opera button
- Visual Speed Dial adjustments, including:
> Speed dials (and tab-previews on hover) changed from 4:3 to 16:9 (wide screen format)
> New resizing behavior for thumbnails
> New default background
> Bing is the new Speed Dial search engine
- Icons are replacing thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
- Scrollbar knob resizing to correspond with big pages
- Storing the list of confirmed intranet servers in Preferences instead of relying on typed history
- Add Opera Portal to "Subscribe to this feed using"
* Fixed
- Use icons instead of thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
- Disabled task bar thumbnails by default with an option to enable them in Preferences
- Domain name not showing on a collapsed address bar
- User interface becoming unresponsive after middle clicking on a link and selecting text
- Text disappearing in appearance/toolbars section when using several old skins
- Address bar searches in private mode not using private mode context
- Problem when installing Opera Unite applications
- Desktop window deteriorating into a non-drawing state
- Jump list "Recent" not being cleared when deleting private data
- Opera shutting down when uninstalling widgets via the panel
- Not being able to remove widgets with Cyrillic names
- Inspect Element not being the last item in Image Properties
- Shutting down when in the Save As and Open dialog boxes
- Shutting down when right clicking Google Earth plugin
- Issue with focus in the Google Earth plugin
- Toolbar missing after starting with a new page if the source viewer was previously an active tab
- Speed Dial fixes:
> Dragging a Speed Dial entry to another position executes default action on target in addition to dropping
> Visual glitch occurring in the Close button
> Backgrounds of Speed Dial dialogs being too transparent
> Titles not being shown when Speed Dial is set to Read Only
> Visual degradation occurring when setting opacity to a low value (disabling opacity for now)
> Shut down when hovering a Speed Dial tab
> Buttons located at the bottom overlapping when height is reduced
- Some custom shortcuts not working properly
- Widgets with a non-default start file not installing on Windows or UNIX, and close on startup on Mac
- Inability to select items in dropdown menus using the mouse
- Opera Unite applications not showing in panel after installation
- Opera prematurely shutting down when hiding and showing bookmarks in the address bar dropdown
- Launching a previously saved session with two separate Opera windows causing a premature shut down
- Premature shut down when dragging buttons to the status bar
- Widgets only being upgraded to the default path
- Advanced menu in download tab does not appear for files downloaded to non-ASCII folders
- Autoupdate not closing Opera when set to hide in the system tray
- Unable to change or install dictionary in dialog boxes
- Links being opened in external applications close page if page is opened from a panel or from a mail
- Find in page overlay not disappearing when clicking an iframe
- Deleting private data does not remove closed windows
- Ghost close button appearing when clicking top of trash button in Windows 7
- Opera not prefetching icons for bookmarks from the custom/ folder
- Percent sign in encoded url from an external application being encoded by Opera again
- Buttons often being disabled in new non-modal dialogs
- Many user selected locales not getting get a language if it is available
- Not being able to install the Voice plugin
- Middle-click not working on "autoscroll" action with mouse drivers
- Logitech mouse tilt function not working for horizontal scrolling
- Black tooltips appearing for tabs when using Windows Native skin
- "Show thumbnails when hovering tabs" being disabled
- Incorrect Tab cycling order after closing tab opened in background, or with "Activate the next tab" enabled
- "More..." in the Widget Upgrade Wizard displaying an error page
- Opera starting when launching the Widget installer
- Ctrl + Enter saves address to typed history even if in a private tab
- Radio buttons causing premature shut downs with accessibility software
- Opera prematurely shutting down on exit when a state button (Opera Unite or Opera Link) has been added and the appearance dialog is still open
- Ability to open multiple "Downloads" tabs when one is already open in another Opera window
- Panel order being wrong after a restart
- "More..." button in the 'Why do I need to upgrade?' Widget Upgrade Wizard has no effect
- No usable interface being available when Tab bar is set to "show only when needed"
- Pressing Ctrl or Shift key combination on startup dialogs causes an Opera premature shut down
- Premature shut down when navigating back and forth with a limited cache size
- Right-click > Validate menu item not working
- Inline address completion disappearing after typing www.x
- Delaying tooltips on the Tab bar when moving the cursor between thumbnails
- Checkboxes having no focus indication when being tabbed
- Premature shut down on exit after visiting page with Flash
- Premature shut down when closing tabs

# Display and scripting
* Improved
- Reliability of out-of-sync situations in Opera Link
- Document Object Model (DOM) performance
- Extended functionality of the tile/stretching of skin elements
- HTML5: Added support for onhashchange events
- CSS selector matching performance
- Optimized premultiplication of decoded images
- Performance for plug-ins and animated content
* Fixed
- Tab visibility state not working properly
- Session corruption occurring when Opera closes while loading pages
- Mouse gestures dialog closing Opera when in kiosk/nomenu mode
- Speed Dial "Reload Never" being set to "Custom"
- Problem when changing Windows style to Classic while Opera is using a native theme
- Bookmarks being lost on upgrade when using new format
- Progress bar inside the address bar changing address bar buttons
- The minimize button missing from restored tabs
- Problem when creating a new panel using drag and drop
- HTML/MHTML files with non-ascii characters in path not opening when Opera is the default browser and already running
- Text field not being focused in Go to Page dialog
- Context menu missing in the download manager
- User interface not being restored after using fullscreen
- Mouse wheel not working in popup window
- Problem when trying to copy Notes
- Large buttons not working on combined Back/Forward buttons
- Dragonfly window state not being remembered
- Double-clicking a target _blank link opens the home page
- Fraud Protection from saving the details of visited sites in private mode
- Using the caret position for keyboard invoked context menus
- Tab chrome missing for a restored tab when new tab is opened in background
- MathML entities not working in Opera 10.5x
- Minimized Opera not restoring when opening an external link
- Shut down when viewing Opera skin images on a page while using the Omelion skin
- Removing support for div nowrap
- MouseEvent and UIEvent interfaces not being exposed
- 0.01% height of auto in standards mode not computing to auto (Picasa)
- Stop differentiating between shrink-to-fit and table cell content width propagation
- Absolutely positioned element inside a bottom absolutely positioned element not redrawing when moved
- --!> and --\s*> not closing a comment
- Scripts hanging at (plugin related)
- location.replace in iframe turning a previously initiated location.href assignment in parent into a replace
- Negative clip left/top value if being larger than an element's width/height hides the element
- Navigating to a different WML card via element not working
- Combining of z-index, display, overflow, position, and float hides content at Google Wave
- Reading empty cookie value still appends an = (
- Caret appearing in the wrong position if put in an empty block beside a float (new reply on Google Wave)
- Freezing caused by nesting positioned and non-positioned elements
- Content overflowing the content edge but not the padding edge triggering scrollbar for overflow:auto
- Mouse coordinates being incorrectly reported to Flash
- Zimbra: UI freezes when closing a calendar item: history.back() causes an unload event
- Navigator mimeTypes description being wrong
- Odd XSLT behaviour occurring with (non-URI) ihost names
- Problem when viewing Google Pistview: document.readyState can revert to "interactive" from "completed" when content is added to the DOM
- Nested positioned descendants of inline-block failing to redraw
- Nested positioned descendants of inline-block with z-index failing to redraw
- Unexpected 14px offsetTop for page when closing an inner window for
- Danskebank page not working: Let document.domain affect the frame navigation policy
- Windowless plugin desynchronizing with the page after scrolling
- Not setting the focus on DocumentEdit when handling an onfocus event on the body
- An issue with Webstorage causing a premature shut down
- Excessive memory consumption (<1.5 GB)
- Google Earth links from web sites not opening properly
- Cafeworld and potentially other Flash games failing on Facebook
- Objects sent with the wrong MIME-type being shown incorrectly
- application/pls+xml incorrectly being treated as XML
- SVG fixes:
> Opera freezing on loading altGlyph testcase
> Clip-path incorrectly being applied while painting source graphics for filter effect
> Incorrect handling of empty altGlyph element
> Incorrect handling of the filter primitive "in" attribute that matches a prefix of a filter source
- Several DOM problems when using Facebook chat
- xhr.overrideMimeType() being called before throws
- Freeze occurring on Youtube inbox related to colspan and border with border-collapse:collapse
- A Gmail problem associated with the width of shrink-to-fit float with fixed-width parent and STF float grandparent: not updating when content is added
- Not being able to type or enter text in windowless Flash
- DNS query failing when the response contains more than 24 addresses
- Google Docs spreadsheet scrolling to top when typing
- HttpOnly cookies not being accepted through NPAPI (BankID)
- Premature shut down when printing a page where the body has a background color and negative margins
- Spatial navigation highlight not respecting overflow:hidden on parent element
- Double clicking a target _blank hyperlink incorrectly opens home
- Focusing an empty RTL (Right-to-Left) textarea causing the caret being shown to the left
- RTL textbox forgetting the caret state after clearing the first letter of the cursive text with a backspace
- Multi-line selection of BiDi text in a RTL textarea being broken
- Not being able to select the last character of cursive text (e.g., Persian) in a textbox using a mouse
- Not being able to scroll to the bottom of a textarea when pasting large texts into it
- Repaint problem when scrolling an element that has the border of another element positioned on top of it
- Erratic downloading from a HTTPS URL with a specified port
- Premature shut down when doing a cache-full cleanup
- IPAPMincho being discarded as a web font even though Windows thinks it acceptable
- Encoding problem when STP/1 host replies to a STP/0 request
- Page search hits missing when a problematic search hit is visible

# Mail, news, chat
* Fixed
- Reduced functionality of spell checker in Notes and Chat
- Replying to a specific e-mail freezes Opera
- Slow Loading of mail when Received is open
- Mail not setting "replied" to flag when resuming drafts
- Compose button not working when no message is selected
- Shut down occurring when fetching mail
- Delisting of folders when they cannot be selected
- Shut down occurring on "Manage Feeds" while loading the mail database
- Dragging and dropping a file fails when no tabs are open
- Replys to Sent messages being sent to the original sending author
- Mail not transferring correctly from roaming to local profile when upgrading from Opera 9.2x to Opera 10.5x
- Problem with Zoom box in the email compose page
- Mail not being re-indexed after removing lexicon
- Email contact importer on triggering a file download
- Mail messages not staying in focus
- Opera freezing when receiving mail
- Feed articles being mixed up
- Mail account wizard not using port 587 for Hotmail as specified in mailproviders.xml

# Security
* Fixed
- After accepting a certificate, SSL negotiation fails in some circumstances
- Not being able to install a Skandiabanken CA certificate
- Not being able to accept a self-signed certificate

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