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Opera 11.00

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Opera 11.00  Cambio de registro

# User interface
* Improved
- Various improvements to tab ordering
- Opening new tabs in background and foreground using short cuts
- Redesign of the extension auto-update notification
- Handling of OEX files from the command line and from DDE
- Added a "Malware site" display in the security button when a site is blocked because it contains malware
- Added "Show Full URL" which minimizes the badge and shows the full url in the Address bar
- Added a tooltip to the search field
- Added visual enhancements to the search drop down
- Added a new Opera extension installer UI
- Added a user preference to disable the mouse gestures popup
- Added a new extension update dialog
- Added a new privacy dialog for extensions
- Added HTTP authentication skin elements to match the address field badge
- Improved dragging tabs in and out of stacks
- Updated the Speed Dial background
- Updated translation strings

# Fixed
- Crash when exiting Opera
- Crash when opening address bar drop down
- Session files not being backed up
- Extensis Web Font service not working in Opera
- Creating a custom search engine with URLs that include a "#"
- Problems with automated crash logging
- Crash when holding CTRL + W
- Tab stacking fixes:
* Tab group being hidden by closing an inactive top tab
* Extending a second tab group compresses the first group
* Tab group vanishing if you delete an active tab from call out
* Active tab not being hidden when collapsing a stack
* Issue when opening new tabs within a stack:
> Links opening in foreground or background open in the same groups as the parent tab, or a new group if one does not exist
> Position in the tab group now decided by using "Open new tab next to active"
- A problem with automatic stacking
- Repainting issue when stacking tabs
- Opera freezing when UI animations are disabled and a tab is moved
- Tab order being dropped when you drop more than one from the window list into a stack, or into normal tabs
* Crash when dragging and dropping an item to the last position on the tab bar
* Trying to merge stacks can cause them to split
* Setting the top button of collapsed group dropped into an expanded group as the active tab for the group
* Setting of active and hidden tabs in groups when the mouse up occurs
- Extensions fixes:
* Web page opened in popup was going to browser history
* Scrolling popup content also scrolls the browser's tab
* Extension description field not expanding to display the full extension description
* Visibility of extension toolbar
* Crash occurring after an extension tries to access web in offline mode
* Popup reloading on badge update
* Focusing and unfocusing the address field with keyboard shortcuts not animating the badge
* No notification displaying if an extension update fails
* Address bar not being accessible in the extensions option page
* Some extensions not displaying access info
* Crash when disabling an extension
* Font size of an author's name in extension manager
* Double clicking on OEX in file system not invoking its installation
* Blank badge displays when enabling Opera Turbo after typing in address field and focusing page
* No notification being displayed if an extension update failed
* Various fixes applied for popup skin, size, and arrow positioning
* Pop-ups opening in the foreground even though "Open in background" is set
* Security policy not being tracked during an extensions update
* Crash when adding pages to the "Read later" extension
* Opera extension update notification showing "Opera Unite application update"
* Extension manager not being keyboard navigable
* JavaSsript alert on extensions preferences does not show the extension title
* The .oex file icon on Windows
* Security indication for Web pages not displaying when Opera Turbo is on
* Confusing Opera Turbo information displays when loading https site with certificate problems
* New Address bar not displaying an "extension" badge
* Incorrect sample text for Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional occurring in the International fonts dialog
* Searchbox on another toolbar making Opera freeze on startup
* Opera opening multiple download dialogs with the same content when "Open windows instead of tabs" is enabled
* Web Panel height not growing when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized
* "Add Web Panel" not working when done through "Appearances"
* Download dialog disappearing on redirect
* Shift + Enter and Ctrl + Shift + Enter not working in the Address bar
* Inability to remove multi-search field from the Address bar
* Auto-update crash when triggering an update of Opera Unite
* Gmail Video Chat Plug-In not working
* External links being opened in private tabs
* Disabled "Shortcuts: in Quick Launch Toolbar" option on Windows 7
* "Install for all users" not creating a shortcut in the Quick launch bar for other users
* Opera's profile from the VirtualStore being merged if the UAC is disabled
* "Bookmark all open pages" putting bookmarks in wrong folder, or root folder in Manage Bookmarks view
* Fragment identifier not showing up when viewing a full URL
* No icon displaying in the address bar for malware warnings
* Right click context menu not working if mouse guestures are disabled
* Crash when performing a mouse gesture
* Crash when closing a certificate dialog
* Crash relating to keyboard input
* New installer not noticing that widgets are running when upgrading
* No "Locked File" window (and error message) appearing when trying to upgrade Opera; occurs when files in the installation folder are locked by other programs on Windows Vista

# Display and scripting
- Improved
* Extensions: Added support for debugging of isolated userjs
* Improved HTML5 forms support, including a better UI
* SVG performance improvements
* Improved memory usage
* Made various plug-in improvements

# Fixed
* Tabs being created via an extension popup not sharing cookies with the browser
* JavaScript bookmarklet not working
* Crash when configuring extensions
* Crash with extension throwing an error message
* Fragment identifiers and internal anchors not working in widgets
* Argument arrays and variable objects being left attached when an execution context is aborted
* Progress bar being removed while still loading IFRAMEs
* innerHTML including a doctype node will output a ">"
* Focus not being set on an element when there is a scrollbar
* "Zero Width Non-Joiner" character not rendering correctly in Right To Left (RTL) languages
* Web Panel height not growing when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized
* WebSocket error messages in error console not appearing in desktop
* Disabled WebSockets by default due to security problems
* Crash in Flash when going in and out of print preview
* High CPU usage sometimes occurring on Gmail
* Memory issue relating to cache

# Mail, news, chat
- Improved
* Category headers and their context menus are now keyboard accessible
* Added support for Feed folders in import and export of OPML files
* Made "Unread" count labels clickable

# Fixed
* Only creating subfolders for feeds when the top level folder is focused
* Dragging a parent feed folder into a third level child causes Opera to freeze
* Feed being added to a panel when cancelling a dialog
* Resizing the mail panel freezes Opera
* Crash when importing feeds or mail
* Label icon not displaying in the Labels column
* Removing a message label having no immediate visual feedback
* Message count missing from Trash
* Crash when using an own button for accessing mail folders without a mail account
* "Show Messages From" not hiding other account sections
* Incorrect default mail signature
* Sections in mail panel moved to the bottom disappearing after a restart
* Opera not checking newsfeeds after importing
* After removing an item from a treeview, key down to the next section does not work
* Contacts panel not being counted as a mail-related panel
* Quick reply messing up the mail body's HTML source when replying to an HTML message; occurs when "prefer HTML formatting" is set
* Mail panel scrollbar not always moving when tabbing to out-of-view sections
* Clicking inside a long section scrolls other sections out of view
* Content blocker toolbar not being set to "wrap"
* Problems with keyboard navigation in the Mailing list panel section
* Context menu breaking when using keyboard on accordion section headers
* "mailto" dialog missing its favicons

# Miscellaneous
- Fixed
* Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention)
* Install path not being updated when upgrading Opera
* Changed the command line parameters of the installer so that they can express a change from default behavior
* Not be able to send email from Gmail when in private mode
* Changing selected characters with Microsoft IME/IME 2007 makes the background color of selected characters become transparent

# Network
- Fixed
* Connections with STP/1 remote hosts failing when socket callbacks are unordered

# Security
- Fixed
* Fixed an issue where Web page content could display misleading security information; see our advisory.
* Fixed an issue which could allow leaking of WAP form content to other sites; see our advisory.
* Fixed a high severity issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.
* Fixed further high severity issues; details will be disclosed at a later date.

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