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Opera 6.02

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Opera 6.02  Cambio de registro

New features
  • An SMS panel lets you send messages to mobile phones from Opera (users in Norway only)
  • Kiosk mode has been upgraded and improved, and new switches have been added
  • Opera ships with the new and improved version 6 ( of the Flash plug-in
  • It is now possible to have up to 50 search engines in addition to encyclopedia, translations etc.
  • URL filtering can be enabled in \"opera.ini\"
  • Registered versions of Opera can show customized content in the ad window if specified in \"opera.ini\"

User interface
  • The user interface is more responsive while downloading pages or files
  • Double-clicking an e-mail will either open a reply to that e-mail, or open it to be sent again
  • \"Do not show this dialog again\" option added for some dialogs
  • Mouse gesture down works on empty workspace
  • The filetype listing in preferences can be sorted by both MIME type and file extension(s)

Speed and memory optimization
  • Deleting or moving e-mail is faster, especially in large folders
  • The \"document.write\" function has been optimized for speed
  • Cache settings can be tweaked for greater speed
  • The default value for network buffer size has been increased, which will reduce network messages on fast connections
  • General improvements

  • Pressing Ctrl+Backspace works also when focus is in the address field
  • Pressing C in the e-mail list places the raw unparsed e-mail on the clipboard
  • Pressing Shift+Delete deletes an e-mail without moving it to trash

Command-line options (advanced usage)
  • K or KioskMode
  • KioskButtons
  • KioskResetStation
  • KioskWindows
  • NoChangeButtons
  • NoChangeFullScreen
  • NoChangeMenu
  • NoContextMenu
  • NoDownload
  • NoExit
  • NoHotlist
  • NoKeys
  • NoMailLinks
  • NoMenu
  • NoMinMaxButtons
  • NoPrint
  • NoSave
  • NoSplash or E
  • NoSysMenu
  • NoWin
  • ResetOnExit
  • Ini settings (advanced usage)
    Check Expiry History={0,1,2}*
    Will suppress server\'s cache settings when going backward and forward in history (speed boost). Can be toggled from \"opera.ini\", under [Cache]* Check Expiry Load={0,1,2}*
    Will suppress server\'s cache settings when loading a page (speed boost). Can be toggled from \"opera.ini\", under [Cache] Suppress External Embeds={0,1}
    Will suppress content in e-mail and news that does not open with Opera. Enabled by default, but can be toggled from \"opera.ini\", under [User Prefs]. BigAttachmentIcons={0,1}
    Will use big (32x32) attachment icons, which is useful for high resolutions. Can be toggled from \"account.ini\" (found in e-mail account folder(s)), under [SETTINGS]. PreferPlaintext={0,1}
    Will favor plain text display over HTML when possible. Can be toggled from \"account.ini\" (found in e-mail account folder(s)), under [SETTINGS].

    * Expiry values explained:

  • 0 = Adhere to server
  • 1 = Let user preferences decide
  • 2 = Never check
  • When Opera is set as default browser, it will be registered as an Internet application on the start menu (XP systems only)
  • \"Super search\", \"Amazon\", \"Ebay\", and \"Find in page\" are now default searches on the Personal bar
  • Some issues with cookies have been fixed
  • Some updates have been added to the help files
  • Some \"opera.jar\" classes are now in \"lc.jar\"

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