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VirtualDub 1.6.15

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VirtualDub 1.6.15  Cambio de registro

[bugs fixed]
  • Added workaround for BMP files with bad BITMAPINFOHEADER::bfSize fields.
  • Added workaround for TARGA files with run-length encodings that span scanlines (not allowed by spec).
  • Fixed abort confirm and disk I/O options not saving consistently.
  • Warnings, particularly the VBR warning, are now displayed after opening a file through command-line arguments.
  • Fixed crash when file is not writable.
  • Fixed crash when dealing with RLE4 and RLE8 encoded videos.
  • Fixed stride error with odd-width TARGA files.
  • Fixed occasionally oversized wave format structure being written when decompressing audio.
  • The \"autoselect\" input color format now also tries 256 color mode in order to support old codecs that can only output this format.
  • Capture: Switched graph construction code in DirectShow layer to prefer Video Renderer over VMR to avoid Direct3D.
  • AMD64: Fixed one-byte PUSH/POP instructions reporting incorrect registers in disassembly.
  • AMD64: Fixed field swap filter.

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