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VirtualDub 1.5.1

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VirtualDub 1.5.1  Cambio de registro

[features added]
  • Improved audio filter dialog.
  • Added \"split\" and \"mix\" audio filters.
  • Capture mode: Added menu item to launch Windows Volume Control in Recording mode.
  • Save Segmented AVI now attempts to cut before keyframes when the video mode is set to \"direct copy.\"
[bug fixes]
  • \"Change so durations match\" frame rate option was using microsecond periods as frame rates.
  • Fixed random crash when selecting menu option with no video file loaded.
  • Fixed broken free space gauge in capture mode.
  • Fixed trashed filenames when attempting to set capture file.
  • Save Segmented AVI was using one digit instead of two for the segment number.
  • Video capture without an audio device now works.
  • Audio compression dialog no longer shows incompatible compression formats when it first appears.
  • Added workaround for \"shutdown when finished\" job control option to work under Windows 98.
  • Assignments to string variables now work in scripts.

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