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VirtualDub 1.5.0

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[features added]
  • Can add a single job to the batch list with syntax: /p[input_file],[output_file]
  • Filters are now loaded and unloaded on the fly to circumvent TLS (thread local storage) selector limits.
  • Cropping bounds can now be dragged via the mouse.
  • Improved, friendlier crash diagnostics.
  • Basic audio filter support (no plugin support yet, though). The pitch shifter sucks.
  • Increased accuracy of audio/video timing by switching from microsecond to rational calculations.
  • Changed font on dialogs to enable ClearType on XP.
[features removed]
  • Deleted outdated 3x3 average filter -- it has been superceded by \"blur.\"
[bug fixes]
  • New MPEG audio core (Priss) -- fixes decoding errors in layer I and layer III audio and adds SSE polyphase support.
  • Fixed motion JPEG decoding bugs when padding is present before markers.
  • Fixed crash in SSE2 code when decoding MPEG-1 file odd width in macroblocks.
  • Fixed crash in SSE2 resize routine when doing 4-tap vertical resample with odd width.
  • Fixed swapped UVs in About dialog box. ^^;
  • Fixed sync errors in MPEG-1 playback when decoding an audio stream which flips the copyright bit between frames or switches layer III bitrates (VBR).
  • Fixed \"Frame not found\" errors in MPEG-1 decoder when GOP is longer than 128 frames.
  • Rewrote resampler clip determination code again. Hopefully this one will be Bug Free (tm).
  • Fixed spurious errors at end of operation when saving WAV file.
  • Outputted configuration files and job scripts now include the correct audio filename when a .wav file is selected through a script.
  • Fixed AVI segmented output creating short files when working from MPEG-1 source or when IVTC is active.
  • Image import filter wasn\'t caching frames.
  • Fixed a couple of Get*() script calls that were declared incorrectly internally and didn\'t work (thanks to Cyrius).
  • Blur filter now handles cropping properly.

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