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Skype  Cambio de registro


  • Modified call phones dialogue with integrated contact number search
  • New presence-aware call button, including a drop-down of associated contact numbers
  • Modified presence icons, to better indicate contact's availability status
  • Improved call handling when you run out of credit
  • New simple button to share files and contacts
  • Improvements to help you find active calls
  • New look for the contact profile area

Known issues:

  • Not all available extras might be available
  • Mood message entered via Skype Home does not render emotions or other rich content
  • Both avatar and video is shown to other side of the call when sending video after screen sharing session
  • Skype does not render video and displays DirectX error if user has changed their active graphics card during the Skype session

Fixed issues:

  • Skype opened browser windows in case user had blocked by their firewall
  • After replacing a quote with another quote all further messages in conversation were quoted
  • Wrong presence icon was displayed for users who were not in your contact list

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