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  • known issue: Crash when trying to verify your mobile phone number
  • known issue: Skype may crash on rare cases after ending video call
  • feature: Rich Mood Messages
  • feature: Connection Wizard
  • feature: API: rich moodmessages
  • feature: API: public chat support
  • feature: API: FILETRANSFER object
  • feature: 10 way conference calls for all CPU\'s
  • change: Video quality improvements on low bitrate (128 kbit upload links)
  • change: Updated Extras Manager
  • change: Updated Internet Explorer and FireFox plugins
  • change: API: changes in USER LASTONLINETIMESTAMP, GROUP NROFUSERS_ONLINE and GROUP USERS are no longer sent to clients, GROUP NROFUSERS is sent when GROUP USERS property changes
  • change: API: application can connect to oneself
  • bugfix: Livetab: Fixed some rare crashes
  • bugfix: Livetab: Improved error handling
  • bugfix: Webcam detection did not return error message
  • bugfix: Deleted shared contact did not disappear from CL
  • bugfix: Public Chat: link was missing from PC wizard
  • bugfix: Public Chat: Keyboard support for creating public chats
  • bugfix: Public Chat: Choose Picture did not working in PC wizard
  • bugfix: Compact Mode did not show contact card correctly
  • bugfix: API: after sending ALTER CALL START_VIDEO_SEND in UI \'Start my video\' button did not change
  • bugfix: API: if event was killed without DELETE EVENT command, it still remained on Events panel
  • bugfix: API: improved detection who is hosting the conference (there were random Skypecasts drops)

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