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Fixed Issues

  • After upgrading to 4.2, some users were notified of old authorization requests.

Known Issues

  • Skype may experience problems when running Cyberlink YouCam video decoration software.
  • In some rare cases when sending video from a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, the local preview may freeze. The other side will still receive video normally.
  • When on a video call to Asus Videophone users the local video preview might freeze and the other side sees a green still image after some time into call.
  • The Skype video snapshots feature is not working on Windows XP SP3.
  • The High Quality Video logo sometimes flashes during a video call.
  • It rarely happens that calls are not successful when two users call each other at exactly the same time
  • The microphone mute functionality is not restored after finishing a Skype call when using Windows Vista.
  • The Call Quality Indicator shows medium quality for web-cameras although it should show high quality.
  • The Call Quality Indicator shows a false error message that your webcam is in use by other application, even if it is not in use anymore.
  • The preferred microphone settings are not saved when the device is set from the Call Quality Indicator device selection list.
  • Transferring a call message, on calls which originated from an older Skype version, is not shown to the caller.
  • Transferring a call to a phone contact and Skype user at the same time will cause the call to disconnect for the Skype user when the phone contact answers the call.
  • Only one field change is saved when editing phone contacts.
  • Screen Sharing from Skype 4.2 to Skype 4.0 or lower does not show video to the receiver if their computer has Pentium 4 or Pentium 3 processor.
  • The Skype Access connection offering does not pop-up correctly when trying to connect to supported hotspot after starting Skype up.
  • No warning message is being displayed when closing a conversation with the close button in compact mode.
  • The automatic 'Away' status setting doesn't work if it has been set a long time ago.
  • Browsing history is slow while running Jaws.
  • Skype fails to detect some screen readers when they are started after running Skype. Workaround: restart Skype.
  • Users with screen readers may have problems noticing the new authorization requests in the Notification tab.
  • Skype browser plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox ignore meta tag not to highlight phone numbers.
  • When a user opens their web browser with no network connectivity, Skype displays an error message that SkypeNames.exe wants to use Skype. This happens when opening Firefox for the first time after installing Skype with the IE and Firefox add-ons.
  • Skype's Firefox browser plugin can not be uninstalled from the Firefox Extensions panel on Windows Vista and 7.
  • The Skype browser plugin highlights phone numbers and names while creating content on various popular websites.
  • DailyMotion videos which have been added to a mood message are not being displayed to other contacts.
  • The country drop down list in the call phones tab is not localized to Russian.
  • Having "IM Magician" installed on your computer may cause Skype to crash.
  • Netbooks can experience problems displaying some of the Skype windows.
  • Certain graphical components may be misaligned when running Skype with a high graphics DPI setting.

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