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Google Chrome 5.0.335.0 Beta  Cambio de registro

# All

* Support "cache-bypassing reload"; this is hooked to various accelerators on different platforms (e.g. shift-reload, ctrl-reload, etc.) (Issue 1906)
* [r38877, r39018, r39040, r39133, r39346, r39524] Fix numerous issues relating to new Content Settings functionality (Issues 34633, 34668, 35011, 35775, 36021)
* [r39285] Fix crash when alert() is called from extension popup (Issue 33698)
* [r39365] When a single tab is open, "Close other tabs" context menu option should be grayed out (Issue 35576)
* [r39381] Remove all infobars from a tab when its renderer crashes (Issue 36035)
* [r39412] Fix crash adding/deleting bookmark/folder when browser sync is on and the network is not available (Issue 36200)
* [r39670] Do not send extra blur and focus events if popup menu is showing (Issue 23499)
* [r39682] Fix crash when dragging bookmarks (Issue 36473)

# Windows

* [r39328, r39564] Fix issues relating to new Content Settings functionality (Issue 35118, 36079)
* [r39408] Fix a crash when installing an extension from incognito mode (Issue 36077)
* [r39461] Fix star button theming (Issue: 35028)
* [r39676] "Remove" and "remove all" buttons in cookie manager should not be enabled when nothing is selected (Issue 34886)

# Security

* [r39503, r39635] Be more careful about size calculations in GPU code (Issue: 35931)
* Notable behavior change: every HTML document hosted on a local file:// URI now lives in a unique domain. Old behavior can be re-enabled with the new flag --allow-file-access-from-files.

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