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Google Chrome Beta  Cambio de registro

* V8 has been updated to version, read more in the V8 changelog.
* Autocomplete popup now appears when you press up/down key in a text-field.
* Visited links from normal browsing are no longer being displayed as visited (i.e. purple) in incognito mode.


* Fixed a regression that was preventing Windows taskbar from appearing when it was in auto-hide mode and Chrome was maximized.
* Regression related to session restore has been resolved.
* Fixed issue where horizontal scrolling was reversed for certain types of mice.
* Clicking on the exit full screen link now works.
* Fixes issue where URLs/bookmarks could not be dragged and dropped on to the title bar.
* Fixed issue where plugins would not hide appropriately during in page navigation.

Known Issues

* Issue 8892: Browser crash with closing about:network window.
* Issue 8653: CPU pegged, if scrolled on flash
* Issue 8732: Provide a scroll bar for about:network dialog
* Issue 8767: Can create multiple Downloads tabs from Download shelf
* Issue 8220: No more status spinning in Downloads page
* Issue 8637: Unable to drag window when one browser window open with single tab
* Issue 8827: Import browsring history shows today's history only in the history page.
* Issue 8822: Tab crashes with debugger !
* Issue 8821: Inspector is broken, shows empty elements
* Issue 8372: Background paint issues with Task manager/B'Manager in maximized mode
* Issue 8587: Regression: Encoding auto-detect doesn't work any more
* Issue 8517: tabbing should work on a SSL interstitial page

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