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- [r23666, r23790, r23988] Fix some hangs/crashes. (Issue: 16512, 16871, 18217, 18521, 19710, 19860)
- [r23668] Fix hang with video and audio tags. (Issue: 19276)
- [r23670] When SafeBrowsing alerts for a page, don't allow that page to redirect until after the user has dealt with the alert. (Issue: 6442)
- [r23754, r23937] Prevent time/slider from jumping around during and after seeking in video and audio tag content. (Issue: 19396)
- [r23859] Reduce Omnibox flicker. (Issue: 18369)
- [r23965] Unicode text could sometimes produce garbled Omnibox dropdown entries. (Issue: 5490)
- [r23967] Fix problems with plugin z-order. (Issue: 15840)
- [r24033] Fix a crash on Windows and Linux. (Issue: 17569)
- [r24151] Fix regression (since Chrome where some gzipped files (e.g. script) were not unzipped before evaluation, making them unusable. (Issue: 16430)
- [r24170] Faster startup with custom themes. (Issue: 18768)
- [r24179] Graphical errors with some themes. (Issue: 20139)
- [r24189] Problems with video/audio tag playback and looping at rates other than 1.0. (Issues: 19856, 19105)
- [r24192] Properly align cursors used for middle-mouse-autoscroll with the original click location. (Issue: 6173)

- [r23915] During uninstall, if Chrome was the default browser, prompt user to choose a new default. (Issue: 14023)
- [r23849] Fix clicking/noise when playing video/audio tag content with 48 or 96 kHz audio. (Issue: 17940)
- [r24198] Remove "Clear browsing data" and "Import bookmarks & settings" from Tools menu since they are now available in the Options. (Issue: 20137)

- [r23675] Fix some issues around re-enabling disabled extensions. (Issue: 12140)
- [r23676] Async extension callbacks now always fire and set chrome.extension.lastError on error. (Issue: 17381)
- [r23739] Beginnings of localization support. (Issue: 12131)
- [r24223] Unconditionally enable HTML5 Database and Local Storage support for chrome-extension:// pages. (Issue: 19511)
- [r24231] Crash fix. (Issue: 15888)

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