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DC++ 0.705

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DC++ 0.705  Cambio de registro

This release brings new :
A lot of stability improvement, starting from crashes to bugs and so on.
Also, some visual improvements like new menu types.
Segmented downloading new separate window for each downloading file, and a new connection window for each chunk
Language files now use gettext and they are included in the distribution for the major languages
Tabs drag& dropping and tooltips
Updated links so that you have any problem, you can easily find the answer now.

-- 0.705 2008-03-14 --
* Several patches for better *nix compatibility of the core (thanks steven sheehy et al)
* Improve segmented download implementation
* Fix search request ip when using multiple ip's (thanks stanislav maslovski)
* Fixed a crash when right-clicking in own file list
* [ADC] Searches filtered by token if available so that each search window only gets its own results
* [ADC] Implemented test version of bloom filters which will dramatically reduce hub bandwidth usage for TTH searches
* Fixed a crash with partial list browsing
* Replaced homegrown i18n solution with gettext (thanks david grundberg, mikejj)
* Fixed an issue with nick encodings and nmdc connections (thanks stanislav maslovski)
* Added download view which shows per-file download information
* Chat timestamps on by default
* Added tab drag/drop (thanks poy)
* Changed Pothead to mikejj
* Fixed search spy crash
* Upgraded to bzip 1.0.4 (thanks mikejj)
* Tab tooltips (thanks poy)
* [L#185724] Allow spaces in the description field (poy)
* [L#180321] [ADC] Handle third person formatting (thanks poy)
* [L#186429] Fix right-click issue when chat history is long (thanks poy)
* [L#188107] In waiting users, show requested chunk (since we can't know % done)
* [L#188585] Fixed crash when download connection was disconnected before any data was received
* Fixed crash due to race condition on idle check (thans bigmuscle)
* Fixed crash when copying identity
* Fixed potential timer race condition (thanks bigmuscle)
* The good parts of partially downloaded segments are now added to queue (thanks bigmuscle)
* Fancy menus (thanks poy)
* [L#180321] [ADC] Added /me handling (thanks poy)
* [L#187288] Fixed issues with scrolling (thanks poy)
* [L#190463] Fixed re-add sources showing wrong sources (thanks poy)
* [L#190469] Fixed kick message filtering (thanks mikejj)
* version.xml now use Coral (ullner)
* [ADC] Number of files counts unique files when sending stats to hub
* [ADC] Fixed kick handling
* [L#190955] Fixed 100% on remove all sources in queue
* Fixed a few hardcoded dc++'s (thanks steven sheehy)
* Don't always show the tray icon after killing and re-opening explorer.exe (poy)
* Updated links (thanks pietry)
* Fixed clicking on active tab (poy)
* [L#195209] Fixed tabbing in hub windows (poy)
* [L#195209] Fixed Ctrl+F that opens favorite hubs (poy)
* [L#194696] Fixed small memory leak
* Some unix compile fixes (thanks pavel andreev and yakov suraev)
* [L#199192] [NMDC] Fixed crash on empty private message
* [L#198416] Fixed crash when closing the download queue (poy)

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