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DC++ 0.69.1

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DC++ 0.69.1  Cambio de registro

  • Links to bugzilla in html changelog
  • [B#122] Added userlist filter (thanks trem)
  • [B#578] Added search for alternates to transfers menu (thanks trem)
  • [B#861] Fixed auto-prio not being set correctly (thanks trem)
  • [B#878] Added close all ... to window menu (thanks trem)
  • [B#903] Holding shift while minimizing will use opposite tray setting (thanks joakim tosteberg)
  • [B#923] PM history always read (thanks trem)
  • [B#927] Fixed OP detection bug (thanks mikejj)
  • [B#929] Fixed list view flicker issues (thanks trem)
  • [B#931] Improved keyboard navigation (thanks trem)
  • Added \"all\" to hub list field search (thanks trem)
  • Fixed bug when sending active ADC search results
  • Updated to ADC 0.11
  • Passive users now also get ADC search results
  • Changed nmdc bot-detection to what it was before, should fix pm-to-bot bug

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