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DC++ 0.68

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DC++ 0.68  Cambio de registro

  • Changed the user identification process completely to work better with ADC. This leads to a more strict interpretation of which users are actually the same for NMDC (essentially, NMDC users are now identified by nick+hub always, not only nick)
  • Removed saving of directories scheduled for download, since the individual files should appear in the queue fast enough that this will rarely be used (since file lists are free and downloaded almost instantly)
  • Fixed international timestamps (thanks ullner)
  • Fixed targetdrive docs (thanks ullner)
  • [B#485] Fixed transfer list view flicker on WinXP
  • New connection settings, please check settings page
  • Connection type strings changed
  • No longer falls back to passive mode on failed UPnP
  • Janitorial cleanups (thanks garg)
  • Removed some old favorite file format compatibility code
  • Added country to search frame (thanks paka)
  • Strftime fix (thanks garg)
  • [B#521] Help instead of readme shown on first startup (thanks paka)
  • [B#553] Minimize to tray and confirm appexit default to true (thanks paka)
  • [B#452] Fixed example.xml language file generation (thanks tpo)
  • [B#556] Fixed last searches purge (thanks sulan)
  • [B#73] Added option to disconnect slow sources (thanks paka)
  • ADC hub counts updated correctly (thanks ullner)
  • [B#325] Added error message when adding dupe fav hub (thanks ullner)
  • Updated bzip2 to 1.0.3 (thanks garg)
  • Some small *nix fixes (thanks poison)
  • Source path no longer saved for TTH enabled clients (saves memory and queue file space)
  • [B#335] Search window settings saved automatically (thanks mikejj)
  • Open folder selects file in explorer (thanks mikejj)
  • Local echo in pm window formatted as the other side should see it (thanks paka)
  • Fixed debug assertion (thanks tpo)
  • Dirty tabs settings improved (thanks ullner)
  • ZLib upgraded to 1.2.3, possibly fixing security issues (thanks garg)
  • Slot grants now last one connection instead of 10 minutes
  • [B#632] Subtotals shown when selecting users in hub frame (thanks cologic)
  • [B#625] /u chat command opens url (thanks pur)
  • [NMDC] The first word of hub name is taken as short name for displaying purposes when space is limited
  • [B#629] Waiting users frame added (thanks cologic)
  • Removed old versions check (thanks cologic)
  • [B#635] Added option to limit maximum file list size to open (thanks paka)
  • Filelist transfer logging default to off (thanks paka)
  • Added some checks when creating fav hubs (thanks tpo)
  • More settings screen updates (thanks ullner)
  • Fixed linux file moving (thanks naga)
  • [B#260] Added option to only download files with TTH (thanks ullner)
  • [B#708] Fixed registry creation functions used (thanks ullner)
  • Updated WTL
  • Rewrote socket code to remove some old hacks and add some new (major change)
  • Now using standard windows error messages for socket errors
  • [ADC] Added basic SSL encryption support
  • Fixed a bug with file list loading and filenames differing in case only
  • Fixed a few standard compliance issues
  • Added dirtying to waiting users frame (thanks ullner)
  • Changed so that a few flags are shown in transfer status, [T] = TTH check on, [Z] = zlib on, [R] = rollback performed, [S] = secure
  • Parameter names all updated, your current %[xxx] macros will break all over, on the upside they\'re now more or less unified
  • [ADC] All hubs a user is online on are shown where only one was shown before
  • Fixed some log page issues
  • Replaced small buffer size option with the possibility to set recv/send buffer sizes manually
  • Consolidated bolding options, you\'ll have to reset them to your preference
  • Removed support for old hash index files (pre-0.670)
  • Improved hashing error reporting
  • Fixed hash database rebuild
  • Added /removefav command to remove a favorite hub (thanks ullner)
  • [B#717] Fixed search combo box (thanks mikejj)
  • Added option to change auto-refresh interval (thanks ullner)
  • [B#740] Removed tab completion option (thanks ullner)
  • [B#743] Added registry key creation failure notification (thanks ullner)
  • [B#717] Fixed dropdown sizes (thanks mikejj)
  • [B#760] Fixed list subtraction issue (thanks cologic)
  • Added some right-to-left support, but it probably needs more work
  • [NMDC] Minislots are no longer given to old DC++ clients (
  • [ADC] Directory size returned with search results
  • Fixed a rare deadlock

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