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BitComet 0.78

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BitComet 0.78  Cambio de registro

  • GUI Improved: change the display font in Statistics View to monospaced font
  • GUI Improved: improve the task delete confirm dialog
  • GUI Improved: add a button to rename download file by serverval rules in HTTP task properties dialog
  • GUI Improved: new proxy setting page in preferences dialog
  • GUI Improved: now can select which columns to display in task list by right click task list header
  • GUI Improved: now can import Flash files (.swf) when select download all links or download videos in webpage
  • GUI Improved: change the default operation for close button on main window to minimize main window
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the focous switch order when press Tab key in the HTTP task properties dialog
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the problem that the redownload button does not work when import a new task but a exist task with the same URL is detected
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the problem that the download left time is displayed as zero when download rate is zero
  • Core Improved: add support for connection via HTTP, SOCK4, SOCK5 proxy server
  • Core Improved: enhance the function of download videos in webpage, optimize for mainstream video websites
  • Core Improved: improved Rmvb file version and Real codec version detection algorithm, avoid most crash when play rmev files
  • Core Bugfix: fix the problem that unable to download file from certain FTP server

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