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BitComet 0.55

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BitComet 0.55  Cambio de registro

  • GUI Improved: torrrent maker can auto-detect the best piece-size now
  • GUI Improved: do not check version for more than once in one day
  • GUI Bugfix: tray icon shows up when change the lock of the tray area (Thanks xl)
  • GUI Bugfix: fix possible crash when closing
  • GUI Bugfix: the issue of adding task by command line do nothing(Thanks Yu BOYTHERE)
  • GUI Bugfix: may crash in spliter (Thanks the crash report by Cytech-May & Punkrawk)
  • Core Improved: add auto stop task when share ratio reach specfic value, auto shut down the computer
  • Core Improved: improve the efficient of NAT passthrough (imcompatiable with 0.53)
  • Core Improved: add Max Simultaneous TCP connection attempts to option, better works with XP SP2
  • Core Bugfix: fix the issue that min seeding rate also applies to download task
  • Core Bugfix: move on to next tracker slowly if no peers returned.
  • Core Bugfix: fix the issue that it will not stop connecting to tracker after tast stopped
  • Core Bugfix: may crash because of thread conflict when writing the edge of files(Thanks the crash report by wluck)
  • Core Bugfix: may crash when exit while having queued tasks(Thanks the crash report by Asem Mohamed)
  • Core Bugfix: may crash when caculate the rate(Thanks the crash report by trudy)
  • Core Bugfix: fix some crash caused by overflow (Thanks the crash report by Huang Kan)
  • Core Bugfix: fix too short timeout disconnect issue with AZ and Official Seed

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