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BitComet 0.54

12,384 Descargas

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BitComet 0.54  Cambio de registro

  • GUI Improved: global & per task 3KB/s upload rules ( Thanks DreadWingKnight )
  • GUI Improved: multi selection when ban ip ( Thanks CH )
  • GUI Improved: torrrent file save as in task list
  • Core Improved: NAT passthrough by UDP! (still in experimental)
  • Core Improved: add crash reporter to release version
  • Core Improved: connect to UDP tracker first in the same group
  • Core Improved: support http tracker: \'key\' flag ( Thanks neooff )
  • Core Improved: support the new UDP Tracke protocol ( v2 )
  • Core Improved: torrent strings fix the utf8 encoding problems with Azureus ( Thanks Henrique Vianna )
  • Core Changes: remove default backup tracker ( Thanks x )
  • Core Bugfix: may can\'t create torrent contains >4G files
  • Core Bugfix: fully support multitracker spec, support server groups ( Thanks DreadWingKnight )
  • Core Bugfix: strange http HOST problem in ( Thanks AndyGod )
  • Core Bugfix: http redirection bug, fix connection problem in ( Thanks HiTechOutlaw )
  • Core Bugfix: fix connection problem in ( Thanks fftfelix)
  • Core Bugfix: no longer skip the empty directories when making torrent ( Thanks 5Q heaven )

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