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New Features:

  • Core | Monitor available JVM memory and warn user if it is running out and auto increase (Windows only)
  • UI | Support opening .vuze files from URLs
  • UI | Allow setting of JVM direct memory max from UI (Windows only)
  • UI | Added 'protocol' column to peers view
  • UI | Expanded state of Sidebar entries are now remembered
  • UI | (Windows) Added Closeable Games sidebar entry


  • Core | Changed the trigger for upload rate bias when unlimited upload and inactive downloads
  • Core | Permit export of all search templates
  • Core | Reduce debug messages for connection-refused type tracker errors
  • Core | Reduce version-check timeouts to prevent version server errors from adversely affecting Vuze
  • Core | Be more tolerant of large PEX messages as clients are sending valid exchanges that exceeded our old limits
  • Core | Improve detection of devices
  • Core | Report better error messages for failed plugin installs
  • Core | Add alert details to alert log
  • Core | Log plugin load-at-start state to diagnostics
  • UI | Better handling in in-client browser for search engines and (blocking) pop-ups
  • UI | Device status column now reports when a file is being copied to the device

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fixes to superseeding mode
  • Core | Fixed up disabling of UDP tracker protocol and added option to control UDP probing
  • Core | Fixed bug involving switching search template from manual to auto mode
  • Core | Immediately drop incoming connections for stopped downloads (they used to persist and timeout later)
  • Core | Fixed bug whereby add-for-seeding torrents with reorder-piece file mode and move-to dirs resulted in download being marked as incomplete
  • Core | OSX - handle UTF-8 BOM in plist
  • UI | Sort column editor available table correctly
  • UI | Fix case where sidebar doesn't display properly at startup
  • UI | Changing name of Device should now be remembered
  • | Fix various Null Pointer Exceptions

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