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New Features:

  • Core | Client support for the 'trackerid' announce extension
  • Core | Client support for the 'min interval' announce extension
  • Core | Added options to disable scrape entirely or just for non-running torrents
  • Core | RSS Feed parse APIs added to plugin interface
  • Core | Non-blocking sockets based TCP tracker implementation
  • Core | Client identification plugin interface
  • Core | Separate protocol payload and overhead stats
  • Core | Data deletion can now defer to Recycle Bin and Trash under Windows and Mac OS X, respectively
  • Core | Distributed Database
  • Core | Decentralised tracking
  • Core | Magnet URI for location of decentralised torrents
  • Core | Ability to update built-in plugins independently of the core
  • Core | Diagnostic collection for system properties and config settings
  • Core | added option to move newly completed seeds to the end of the seeding list, rather than the front
  • Core | Support for I2P plugin
  • Core | Network selection support (public, i2p, tor)
  • Core | Inter-client peer exchange
  • UI | Option to disable small fonts under OSX
  • UI | Console support for aliases
  • UI | Torrent export option added to SWT UI
  • UI | Keyboard shortcut parsing system
  • UI | System tray menus for setting global upload and download bandwidth limits
  • UI | Synthesized speech alerts for Mac OS X; Go to Azureus / Preferences to enable it
  • UI | New file icon for Mac OS X
  • Plug | Added local host configuration setting for statusmailer
  • Plug | Reworked CSS for tracker web pages to create old and new styles
  • Plug | StartStop Rules: First Priority ignore Rules: 0 Peers and SeedsPeers Ratio
  • Plug | RSS Feed added to tracker web pages
  • Plug | Tracker stats added to tracker web pages
  • Plug | Generic Messaging API: inter-client message passing
  • Plug | Joltid Peer Cache plugin is now bundled with Azureus
  • Plug | I2P plugin


  • Core | Smarter re-announce interval handling, especially for lopsided swarms
  • Core | Added many new peerid identifications
  • Core | First piece priority option now also prioritizes last piece of file
  • Core | NAT check functions even when downloads have already been started
  • Core | Update check can now check via configured proxy
  • Core | Rewritten download code: decreased cpu usage and faster speeds in LAN network environments
  • Core | Network IP_TOS option now sets required registry setting under Win2K/XP
  • Core | Favor establishing inbound peer connections, to increase the health of swarms with firewalled clients
  • Core | Improved seeding unchoking algorithm: distributes data more evenly
  • Core | Anti-leech code to prevent optimistic unchoke leechers
  • Core | Reduced threads required for multiple torrents
  • Core | Relaxed cross-torrent file locking to permit multiple read access
  • Core | changed HTTP user-agent to include OS and java version
  • Core | max cache size limited to 32M less than VM size
  • UI | Reintroduced download completion alerts in Mac OS X (use System Preferences / Sound to set the alert sound of choice)
  • UI | For Mac OS X, contextual menu items no longer carry images for better compliance with Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • UI | RFE #1092614: Informational popup messages now auto-close after 5 seconds - unless the message window is closed manually, or if the mouse is over it / details view is open (the timing will be 'reset' then)
  • UI | Miscellaneous cosmetics updates for Mac OS X
  • UI | Bug #1112278: https:// URLs now autopaste in Open URL window
  • UI | Main menu bar should now be more streamlined in its arrangement
  • UI | Console view will now display information logged (for the duration of the application session) when the Console view is closed
  • UI | ETA and remaining now take into account DHD files
  • Plug | More choices in First Priority ShareRatio

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | IPFilters loaded from static config file weren't working
  • Core | Fix re-announce interval bug when zero peers in swarm
  • Core | Send uninterested message when complete while using do-not-download feature
  • Core | Optimistic Connect, when seeding, no longer drops just random connections
  • Core | Better recovery from corrupt resume data
  • Core | Better handling of invalid torrent save locations
  • Core | fix for SSL (https) problems introduced by changes in JDK 5.0
  • Core | fix for hash-fails when running with cache + incremental file creation enabled
  • Core | Fix scrape processing stall bug when scrape url was invalid
  • UI | Corrected save dialog behaviour on Make Torrent Wizard regarding file selection
  • UI | Bug #953619 concerning Mac OS X: Double-clicking .torrent files now activate Azureus with the expected Finder dialogs (Dragging files to the Dock icon will continue to malfunction for the indefinite future)
  • UI | Bug #1120995: Improper validation could allow unreasonably low global upload cap
  • UI | Main window no longer tries to steal focus on opening (Mac OS X)
  • UI | Pop up messages no longer try to steal focus (Mac OS X)
  • UI | Resolved fuzzy dock icon display under Mac OS X if Column Setup is opened
  • UI | Upload caps for individual transfers now display more sensible values if global upload cap is set to unlimited
  • UI | In My Torrents, a category view will no longer prevent its corresponding table view's horizontal scrolling
  • UI | Download bars should no longer disappear when the main window is minimized (Mac OS X)
  • UI | Certain table column contents no longer 'disappear' when a row is selected (Mac OS X)
  • Plug | StartStop Rules: Autostart Seed Count Only and Prefer Large Swarms removed First Priority

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