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  • Azureus now identifies itself via User-Agent in tracker http communications
  • Less flickering, on all platforms (tested on both windows and linux+GTK)
  • Azureus now responds as Server: Azureus <version> in tracker http comms
  • Unwritten blocks in Pieces view shown in red
  • Prioritizing first piece of file(s) now optional in config
  • Confirmation on data deletion now optional in config
  • More intelligent announce url '&numwant=' handling
  • On tracker announce errors, retry interval now uses exponential backoff
  • Removed multi-port listening, as shared single port is far superior
  • More reliable .config and .torrent file writing
  • Tracker scraper now honors a 'flags: min_request_interval' response
  • Plugins can be initialised from freestanding (not just in .jar file)

Corrected bugs:

  • Problem with tracker not responding with Connection: close causing SSL session maintainance with HttpsURLConnection to stuff up and fail clients with ecv fail
  • Fast resuming with Chinese directories: Bug #869749
  • System tray icon re-shown after explorer.exe crash (again)
  • Fix for potential memory leaks
  • Fix for stalled piece writing
  • Fix for .torrent file data not being fully written on shutdown
  • Fix for OutOfMemoryError in DiskManager: Bug #865553
  • Fix for 'Open a URL' downloading of .torrent file which contains white spaces: Bug #878990
  • Fix for Fast Resume with Chinese torrents: Bug #878015
  • Fix for excess thread creation when tracker does not support single-infohash scrapes
  • Fix for hash checking 0-byte files: Bug #853126
  • Fix for opening files via Files tab when using MoveOnComplete: Bugs #860822, #878795
  • Fix for 100% cpu usage after network disconnect/reconnect: Bugs #873957, #879498
  • Fix for downloaded blocks not being written to disk, due to write-thread stall under high load
  • Fix for various non-unicode torrent encoding issues regarding resume data

New Features:

  • Under Linux + GTK, added an option to setup a vertical offset to re-align graphics
  • SSL tracker client now gives option to import certificate rather than manually doing so via keytool
  • Start All Downloads option on tray icon
  • Support for trackers that do not return peerIDs on announce
  • Sharing - allows files/dirs/dir contents (recursive) to automatically have torrents created for them and torrents hosted
    The shared resources will automatically have their torrents recalculated if they change (over Azureus restart)
  • Tracker allows number of peers returned to be limited
  • Experimental UDP tracker protocol (see Config->Tracker->Extensions). Azureus client/tracker supports this, as does the XBT tracker (
  • Tracker support for GZIP encoding
  • Tracker support for multiple pages
  • Tracker pages skinable by placing pages in %azhome%/web
  • Major extensions to plugin interfaces
  • Simple Swing based remote admin interface (over SSL+password auth) - email for details
  • Click on hash in general view to copy hash to clipboard
  • Quick Change of up speed by right-clicking on the up speed indicator

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