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Abiword 2.7.10 Beta

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Abiword 2.7.10 Beta  Cambio de registro



- Bug 12321: Annotation hover box too large (Martin Sevior)
- Allow empty titles, authors or descriptions in annotations (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12322: Jump to annotation is broken (Martin Sevior)
- Bug 12324: Scrolling from page to page does not work using multipage (Martin Sevior)


- Bug 12150: Implement the annotations preview dialog (Marc Maurer)


Office Open XML (docx):

- Extended document validity checking (Firat Kiyak)


- Add a Basque translation to the Windows installer (Mikel Pascual)



- Don't expand all items in the Open Shared Documents dialog when reopening it (Marc Maurer)
- Re-enable the code that checks for AbiCollab protocol incompatibilities (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12317: Can't edit collaboratively added equation. Warning: this bumps the AbiCollab protocol version, making it incompatible with previous 2.7.x releases. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12294: Don't overwrite read only access control (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12308: Fix memory leak in Open Shared Documents dialogs (Marc Maurer)
- Fix memory leak in Share dialog on Windows (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12323: Save As dialog gives an error (Marc Maurer)
- Don't silently ignore the request to open an already opened shared document. Instead, raise the frame which has the document already in it (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12264: Crash when disconnecting TCP client account (Marc Maurer)
- Fix hang on exit on Windows when having 1 TCP server account (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12326: Memory error when deleting TCP client account (Marc Oude Kotte)

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