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Abiword 2.2.4

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Abiword 2.2.4  Cambio de registro

Jean Brefort

  • Bugfixes: 7736

Kevin Duffus

  • Provide the glade file for the Spell Checking dialog (Unix, part of bug 8444)

Hubert Figuiere

  • WvWare build fix

Francis Franklin

  • Shrink toolbar buttons from 32x32 to 28x28 (MacOSX)
  • Put the toolbars in separate windows (MacOSX)
  • Implement the Format->Background->Page Color... dialog (MacOSX)
  • Better initial window geometry: sensitive to Dock/Toolbars/Palette (MacOSX)
  • Implement the Insert->Mail Merge Field dialog (MacOSX)
  • Support for Cocoa plugins (bundles) (MacOSX)
  • Mail Merge infrastructure improvements
  • Ahow deactivated plugins in the Tools->Plugins... dialog, as grey (MacOSX)
  • Fix the handling of mail merge fields
  • Create new font instances when duplicating fonts (fixes a crash on Quit) (MacOSX)
  • Update installation/README documentation (MacOSX)
  • Create various directories on start-up (templates, dictionary, Plug-ins) (MacOSX)
  • UI tweaks in various dialogs (MacOSX)
  • Implement the Language selection dialog (MacOSX)
  • Smoother and animated resizing of panel (MacOSX)
  • Update the build system to use libwpd-0.8(MacOSX)
  • Relocate the plugin code (MacOSX)
  • Fix enchant's AppleSpell back-end following recent API changes (MacOSX)
  • Remove the "Open Empty Document" option from New using Template... dialog (MacOSX)
  • Add plug-in API documentation and a new frameless document class (MacOSX)

Birch Knutson

  • Fix the import and export of the "at least" property to RTF (bug 3461)
  • Fix style justification import for RTF
  • Bugfixes: 8326

Dom Lachowicz

  • Export Tables of Contents to HTML
  • Fix a subtle bug in the HTML exporter that prevented span properties from being exported
  • For 'plain text' styles, don't use <pre> in the HTML exporter
  • Tweak the HTML exporter to declare the charset in the XML header
  • Fix the Export dialog to open a Save dialog instead of an Open dialog
  • Fix MS Word table export to HTML by doing a bit of sanity checking
  • Bugfixes: 8339, 8374, 8370

William Lachance

  • Update the WordPerfect plugin to use libwpd 0.8.0

Yue Shi Lai

  • Fix inserting large images not maintaining aspect ratio (bug 6676)

Jordi Mas

  • Fix the Catalan spellchecker name
  • Select the default text in the Replace dialog (Windows)
  • Make word breaking take the middle dot into account
  • Fix a bug causing the spell checker to report 'no spelling suggestions'
  • Catalan installer localisation (Windows)

Marc Maurer

  • 2.2.3 Changelog
  • Bump version to 2.2.4
  • Remove the AbiGdkMagick plugin (fixes 7211) (Unix)
  • Add the GdkPixbuf image loader to the mainline(Unix)
  • Remove unused regression testing code. Will be replaced with a new regression testing framework.
  • Make the Paragraph and Page Setup dialogs close on Escape (Unix)
  • WordPerfect plugin build fixes

Caolan McNamara (RedHat)

  • Patch to configure macros to remove nautilus dependency (Unix)


  • Fix bug in WvWare

Ryan Pavlik

  • Updated splash screen with a 2005 (c) notice.

Martin Sevior

  • Set a 8 pixel minimum drag distance before launching Visual Drag and Drop
  • Add a new detection method to repair importer mistakes
  • Fix bug where wrapped text did not update when a TextBox was made smaller (bug 7427)
  • Enable page-relative postioned objects

Robert Staudinger

  • Remove the 'Open Empty Document' option from the New from Template dialog
  • The selection background now has a colour defined by the theme also when using a more exotic ("broken") theme (Unix)
  • Fix a crash in the HTML exporter (bug 8391)
  • Export tables to HTML with width:100% if no width is specified (bug 8438)
  • Use the GTK theme colour in the Table creation widget (Unix, bug 8436)
  • Remove a #define GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED that was left behind when the Page Setup dialog was glade-ified (Unix)
  • Use the same colour as formatting marks for the Header/Footer boundary box when editing them(bug7464)
  • Move the Spell Checking dialog to libglade (Unix,bug 8444)
  • Bugfixes: the GTK part of bug 8130

Fridrich Strba

  • Add support for hanging indents, paragraph spacing, font colour and highlight colour to the WordPerfect importer


  • Update the NSIS dictionary installers (Windows)
  • New dictionary scripts for NSIS (Windows)
  • Default to the Template radio button on the New from Template dialog instead of the Empty radio button (part of bug 7509)
  • Windows build fixes
  • Limit the number of columns and rows to 64 and 500 in the Insert Table dialog (Windows)
  • Fix hang in Format Paragraph dialog by removing two non-functioning shortcut accelerators (Windows, bug 8347)
  • Update the installer to support libwpd-0.8.0 (Windows)
  • Bugfixes: the Windows part of 7509, 8408

Robert Wilhelm

  • Bugfixes: 8320


  • Marco Innocenti: Updated it-IT translations
  • Francesco Cheratzu: Updated sc_IT translations
  • Jordi Mas: Updated Catalan translations

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