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Abiword 2.2.9

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Abiword 2.2.9  Cambio de registro

Smokey Ardisson

  • Bugfixes: 8494

Jean Brefort

  • Use the locale transactor in ap_Ruler (bug 9094)

Hubert Figuiere

  • Remove several outdated project files (Mac OSX)
  • Fix some compilation warnings (Mac OSX)
  • Code cleanup and crash fix (Mac OSX, possible the cause of bug 8365)
  • Optimize memory usage and fix memory leaks (Mac OSX)
  • Fix 2 compilation warnings that are actual bugs, including an undefined method and a memory leak (Mac OSX)
  • Allow building using GCC 4 (Mac OSX)
  • Bugfixes: 9242

Francis Franklin

  • New ODT document icon (Mac OSX)
  • AbiWord crashes on startup (Mac OSX, bug 8858)

Tomas Frydrych

  • Fix "Delete key does not operate as expected" in revision mode (bug 8945)
  • Adding support for a new language: Akan (bug 9001)
  • Fix a crash when opening the Lists dialog after a previous close (Windows, bug 9102)
  • Bugfixes: 9087 (revert the changes that caused it)

Joshua M. Kwan

  • Add missing documentation info files
  • Add the Microsoft Word mimetype to the Bonobo IDL file (Unix)

Dom Lachowicz

  • Fix "numbered lists can't start above 100" (Unix, bug 8972)
  • INS/OVR state in the statusline does not correspond with caret (bug 9036)
  • Bugfixes: 8977 (if it existed in the first place), 6850

Marc Maurer

  • Bump the version to 2.2.9 and create a ChangeLog
  • Fix build with the latest GCC 4.x.x

Tavis Ormandy

  • Bugfixes: 9201 (partially)

Martin Sevior

  • Fix the page size not sticking when using more than one column (bug 9068)

Robert Staudinger

  • Fix "Opening from console causes save dialog not to be populated with existing file name" (Unix, bug 7949)


  • Fix a debug statement in the LaTeX exporter and the WordPerfect importer
  • Fix "Table submenu should not be included in the spelling popup menu" (bug 9167)
  • Fix "'Show Ruler' and 'Show Status Bar' menu items should be disabled in fullscreen". Also disabled the four toolbar menu items since they can't be toggled in fullscreen mode either (bug 7883)
  • Fix encoding value for Kurdish in the dictionary list (part of bug 8840)
  • Fix incorrect endnote placement setting toggling (bug 9152)
  • Fix image dialog doesn't allow you to manually input dimension values without a unit (Windows, part of bug 9305)
  • Fix "TOC dialog doesn't respect has heading selection" (Windows, bug 8662)
  • Make the 'position to...' settings work (part of bug 9253) and fix the initialization of the text wrapping checkbox (Windows)
  • Textbox border buttons are now checked/unchecked correctly (+ the removal of one outdated line of code) (Windows)
  • Use LZMA compression in the plugins installers to reduce their size about 50% and a compression fix for the regular installer (Windows Installers)
  • Fix a write error when exporting to LaTeX (bug 9302)
  • Add a Kurdish dictionary script for NSIS (Windows Installer)
  • Fix a bug that prevented localized templates from being loaded with the template dialog (Windows)
  • A fix for DocBook table export (part of bug 7019)

Robert Wilhelm

  • Bugfixes: 8359


  • Simos Xenitellis: Updated Greek translation

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