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PowerArchiver 9.50

11,785 Descargas

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PowerArchiver 9.50  Cambio de registro

Major Changes:
  • ISO reading/extracting support for formats: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG
  • Support for creating PAE SFX archives
  • Updated PAE format with hiding filenames option
  • Improved 7-ZIP support:
    • Added support for AES encrypted 7z archives
    • Added support for reading 7z multivolume archives
    • Added support for creating 7z multivolume archives
    • Added support for 7-Zip PPMd compression
    • New DLL with improved compression methods
    • Significantly faster compression with 7-Zip in some cases
  • Full skinning support via PSF files - includes interface skins, toolbar skins, icons and customizable application settings
  • SFTP (SSH FTP) support for secure FTP transfers
  • Cool alert window in system tray
  • Support for renaming files in BH, LHA and TAR archives
  • Improved default toolbar skin (alpha-blended PNG)
  • Improved security throughout application
  • Hints implemented throughout the application

  • Faster directory loading in archives - Explorer View Mode
  • Drag & Drop on empty PowerArchiver window
  • Faster Favorites window
  • Explore view mode improvements: Column shading, color for highlighting archives, general pop-up menu
  • Various other speed improvements
  • Support for RAR comments

Bug Fixes:
  • Extracting Japanese ZIP archives
  • Various other fixes

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