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PowerArchiver 2007 10.0 Beta 6 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

PowerArchiver 2007 10.0 Beta 6  Cambio de registro

Major changes:
- Completely new "Modern" Interface
- Queue System (Add/Extract/Backup)
- PowerArchiver Starter - system tray application
- Support for transparent updating 7-zip archives
- New Plug-in System - TC Compatible
- Hybrid Shell Extensions
- 7zip SFX creation support
- True Multi-language Edition
- Skin engine now compatible with Windows Vista
- Portions re-written in assembler like language
- Optimized speed, size and memory usage

- Improved Graphics and User Experience
- Improved Updating System
- Improved Progress Bar with Pause
- Enhanced Explorer View support
- Various minor updates and changes

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