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PhpMyAdmin 3.4.2  Cambio de registro

  • Bug #3301249 [interface] Iconic table operations does not remove inline edit label
  • Bug #3303869 [interface] Unnecessary scrolling on Databases page
  • Patch #3303813 [setup] Define a label that was missing
  • Bug #3305606 [interface] Show all button wraps on privileges page
  • Bug #3305517 [config] Config for export compression not used
  • Bug #3305883 [interface] Table is dropped regardless of confirmation
  • [auth] Fixed error handling for signon auth method.
  • Bug #3276001 [core] Avoid caching of index.php.
  • Bug #3306958 [interface] Unnecessary Details slider
  • Bug #3308476 [interface] "Show all" not persistent after a sort
  • Bug #3308072 [auth] Version disclosure to anonymous visitors
  • Bug #3306981 [interface] pmahomme and table statistics

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