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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.3

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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.3  Cambio de registro

  • Patch #2982480 [navi] Do not group if there would be one table in group, thanks to Lorikeet Lee.
  • Patch #2983492 [sync] When asking to synchronize Structure and Data, only Structure is done, thanks to Ankit Gupta - ankitgupta3
  • Patch #2984893 [engines] innodb storage page emits a warning, thanks to Madhura Jayaratne - madhuracj
  • Bug #2974687, bug #2974692 [compatibility] phpexcel : IBM AIX iconv() does not work, thanks to Björn Wiberg - bwiberg
  • Bug #2983066 [interface] Flush table on table operations shows the query twice,  thanks to Martynas Mickevicius - blink_
  • Bug #2983060, patch #2987900 [interface] Fix initial state of tables in designer, thanks to Sutharshan Balachandren.
  • Bug #2983062, patch #2989408 [engines] Fix warnings when changing table engine to Maria, thanks to Madhura Jayaratne.
  • Bug #2974067 [display] non-binary fields shown as hex
  • Bug #2983065 [operations] Error when changing from Maria to myisam engine
  • Bug #2975408 [tracking] Data too long for column data_sql
  • Bug [tracking] Tracking report should obey maxcharactersindisplayedsql
  • Bug [edit] Avoid selecting UNHEX function by default for a BLOB column for which editing is protected
  • Bug #2994168 [structure] Show auto_increment in uppercase
  • Bug #2993970 [pdf schema] Page numbering in Table of Contents

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