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phpBB 3.0.5

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phpBB 3.0.5  Cambio de registro

  • [Fix] Delete user entry from ban list table upon user deletion (Bug #40015 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Posts incremented for multiple approval of the same topic (Bug #40495 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Missing end " in quote bb tag deletes text (Bug #40565 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Friend/foe system displays posts made by foes while composing (Bug #40325 - Patch by TerraFrost and Highway of Life)
  • [Fix] Check forum_image whether it exists (Bug #39005 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] The sql query in acp_users.php lacks a condition (Bug #40275 - Patch by grimskies)
  • [Fix] Added missing read permission information for some phpbb_chmod() calls
  • [Fix] Correctly display future dates (Bug #38755)
  • [Fix] Fix guest/bot session problems with apache authentication plugin (Bug #41085)
  • [Fix] Whois now works reliably for RIRs other than APNIC and RIPE. (Bug #40085)
  • [Fix] Correctly convert Niels' Birthday MOD to the date format used in phpBB3. (Bug #32895)
  • [Fix] Changed the success message when requesting a new password to be more accurate. (Bug #41405)
  • [Fix] Add missing anti-abuse email headers to acp_inactive.php and ucp_resend.php.
  • [Fix] Only remind users in the correct inactive states depending on the board account activation level.
  • [Fix] Various XHTML mistakes in prosilver, subsilver2 and the ACP. (Bugs #41745, #42265 - Patch by nickvergessen, #38465, #43015)
  • [Fix] Log password changes via password reset function. (Bug #41365)
  • [Fix] Poll, negative durations generate error (Bug #41295 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Visibility of custom field on registration is incorrectly controlled by setting "display" (Bug #41385 - Patch by Eelke and fade2gray)
  • [Fix] Smilies in username are misparsed on [quote=""] (Bug #41955 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Deleting all posts in a topic - bad redirect (Bug #41705 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Deleted users still appear logged in (Bug #41985 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Removed redundant code and unnecessary queries in forum management. (Bug #42265 - Patch by nickvergessen)
  • [Fix] Correct mbstring regular expression for the allowable username characters, only affects USERNAME_LETTER_NUM_SPACERS. (Bug #42325)
  • [Fix] Fix infinite loop in message handler if cache directory is not writable. (Bug #38675)
  • [Fix] While post is awaiting approval it can still be edited even though it can not be seen (Bug #41435 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Fix imageset editing for retaining and correctly setting dimensions for images, as well as displaying correct settings for first page load.
  • [Fix] Use OS-specific line endings for mail headers. (related to Bug #42755)
  • [Fix] Hide font size options which are bigger than the allowed size in the editor. (Bug #42615 - Patch by nickvergessen)
  • [Fix] Better thumbnail quality with imagemagick. (Bug #42565)
  • [Fix] Fix download count increments for image attachments without corresponding thumbnails. (Bug #42505)
  • [Fix] Fix wrong bot ip check if bot ip was wrongly entered by admin. (Bug #42485)
  • [Fix] Fix javascript errors in simple header (prosilver) by adding forum_fn.js and the corresponding variables. (Bug #42135)
  • [Fix] Set connection encoding for MySQL versions 4.1.0 to 4.1.2. This may fix some conversion issues with special characters. (Bug #41805)
  • [Fix] Deleting private message attachments could delete post attachments. (Bug #42815)
  • [Fix] Do not suppress PHP notices/errors in language packs if DEBUG_EXTRA mode enabled. (Bug #41485)
  • [Fix] Flash files do not display anymore after update to flash player 10 (Bug #41315)
  • [Fix] Use FQDN for SMTP EHLO/HELO command. (Bug #41025)
  • [Fix] Mass Email works again for users with empty jabber address but notification set to 'both'. (Bug #39755)
  • [Fix] Fix race condition for updating post/topic/etc. counter. (Reported by BartVB)
  • [Fix] Fix duplicate creation of acl options in acl_add_options() under certain conditions. (Bug #38385, #40225)
  • [Fix] Cancel when replying to global announcement redirects to first forum - not to the current forum (Bug #41225 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Cursor Jumps on New Topic in IE (Bug #42455 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Add indicator to be used in code if session was created (user visits the site for the first time).
  • [Fix] Correctly count topic views for guests visiting the website the first time by entering the topic directly (Bug #43445)
  • [Fix] Fix bug in postgresql db layer for LIMIT ALL clauses (Reported by JRSweets)
  • [Fix] Sort backups by date, newest first (Bug #14818)
  • [Fix] Prevent incomplete backups stored if option "store and download" is selected and admin cancel download by removing the option. (Bug #20325)
  • [Fix] Enforce correct case for template variables
  • [Fix] Set topic_last_view_time on post/reply/edit to circumvent race conditions in auto prune and false removal of topics for manual forum prune (Bug #18055, #43515)
  • [Fix] Correctly split long subject lines according to the used RFC. This fixes extra spaces within long subjects. (Bug #43715)
  • [Fix] Fix skipping messages if using next/prev PM in history links. (Bug #22205)
  • [Fix] Messenger now also able to use a custom language path. (Bug #36545)
  • [Fix] PM Export uses ISO 8601 date now. (Bug #32645)
  • [Fix] Apply append_sid() to newest/latest post links in viewforum/search and UCP main module. (Bug #26815)
  • [Fix] Do not create thumbnail if thumbnail would've the same size as the original image. (Bug #30725)
  • [Fix] Ability to vote in poll is now required for the ability to change existing vote. (Bug #38925)
  • [Fix] Search for 'topic title only' and 'first post' should work again for non-mysql dbms. (Bug #40605)
  • [Fix] Make sure additional information for accessibility is always exposed to screen readers (Bug #44335 - Patch by MarcoZ)
  • [Fix] Approving a topic when some of the posts within that topic have already been approved (Bug #42585 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Online status shown when post hidden (Bug #35505 - Patch by Raimon)
  • [Fix] memberlist.php display formating can be distorted by posting long URL for website (Bug #36675 - Patch by TerraFrost)
  • [Fix] Display the online status of hidden users to users with the u_viewonline permission when viewing PMs.
  • [Fix] "Select all" selects much too much in Opera (Bug #42885 - Patch by TerraFrost and ToonArmy)
  • [Fix] Correct calculation of source/target forum statistics if mass moving topics with global announcements (Bug #44545)
  • [Fix] Fix column handling in db updater, custom profile fields an db tools for firebird DBMS (Bug #44555)
  • [Fix] IE8 textarea issues (Bug #43305)
  • [Fix] Prevent accounts from being activated by users when admin activation is turned on and the correct activation key is known.
  • [Fix] Allow the installer to operate under PHP 5.3. (Bug #45255)
  • [Change] Default difference view is now 'inline' instead of 'side by side'
  • [Change] Added new option for merging differences to conflicting files in automatic updater
  • [Change] Add link to user profile in the MCP for user notes and warn user.
  • [Change] Add IN_PHPBB check to generated cache files. (Reported by bantu)
  • [Change] Add topic icons to prosilver UCP main and subscribed templates (Bug #42735 - Patch by Raimon)
  • [Change] Add unique key to ACL options table to prevent duplicate permission options. (Bug #41835)
  • [Change] Redirect to relevant MCP page of multi-page topic if accessing quickmod tools (Split option for example)
  • [Change] Performance improvements for native fulltext search (Patch by Paul)
  • [Change] Changed jumpto() JS function to be more fail-safe. (But #27635 - Patch by peterkclee)
  • [Feature] Added new options for visual confirmation.
  • [Feature] Allow download of conflicting file for later reference in automatic updater
  • [Feature] Allow translation of custom BBCode help messages. (Patch by bantu)
  • [Feature] db_tools now support create table and drop table.
  • [Feature] Database updater checks for incompatible db schema (MySQL 3.x/4.x against MySQL 4.1.x/5.x/6.x)
  • [Feature] New search option: Maximum number of words allowed to search for.
  • [Sec] Only use forum id supplied for posting if global announcement detected. (Reported by nickvergessen)

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