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phpBB 2.0.0

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phpBB 2.0.0  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed delete image bug for normal users
  • Fixed group control panel image links
  • Fixed missing L_POST variable in group control panel
  • Fixed missing user id when redirecting to email form after login
  • Fixed (a)ppend_sid function name error in group control panel
  • Fixed reset of post type when previewing a post
  • Fixed mass emailer include path error
  • Fixed potential SQL exploit
  • Fixed several minor subSilver issues
  • Fixed [quote] breaking HTML problem
  • Fixed problem with unclosed nested quotes
  • Fixed bad handling of automagic links at end of quotes
  • Fixed potential BBCode and avatar remote exploit
  • Altered email validation check to allow + in username as per RFC
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour with wildcards in disallowed usernames
  • Added missing append_sid for search view results as posts
  • Fixed incorrect clearing of current sessions for logged in users
  • Fixed user_timezone (cannot update user profile) problem
  • Added correct setting of moderator status for users during upgrade
  • Fixed handling of uploaded avatars if gallery avatar currently used
  • Fixed use of existing username for uploaded avatars
  • Fixed updating of topic reply stats when post is deleted
  • Fixed irrelevant error message when activating already active account
  • Fixed gzip compression problems with Netscape and some PHP versions
  • Fixed MS Access layer errors when using latest PHP versions
  • Fixed styles admin editing problems with MSSQL Server
  • Fixed logout issue when cancelling certain actions
  • Fixed missing text in certain admin links
  • Fixed opening of frame within frame when logging into admin
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of search results by time
  • Fixed fulltext searching failure with MS Access
  • Hopefully fixed fulltext search with non-latin single byte charsets
  • Enabled work-around support for some multi-byte charsets - OOHOO
  • Re-enabled search indexing of all-numeric character sequences
  • Updated email banning to properly implement wildcards
  • Fixed missing extension in links from groupcp
  • Fixed lack of re-validation when changing email address
  • Added additional IP check when using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
  • Fixed non-display of delete icon when on second or greater topic page
  • Fixed problems with users/groups assigned multiple permissions
  • Fixed problem with - and + in search words - Matthijs
  • Fixed improper handling for deletion of words from search table
  • Fixed support for , in automagic URLs as per RFC
  • Fixed circular reference SQL errors when deleting posts under MS Access
  • Fixed nested [code] problems
  • Added charset encoding headers for emails - romutis
  • Fixed "Copy to self" emails to use correct language
  • Fixed pagination error when limiting previous days for viewforum
  • Decreased minimum search word size to 3 chars
  • Fixed deletion of one or more options from all polls when editing just one
  • Fixed checking of group memberships when promoting/demoting group moderators
  • Added database closure to admin frameset page

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