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Password Safe 3.20

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Password Safe 3.20  Cambio de registro

# Bugs fixed

* [2906249] User changes to List view's column order are now persistent.
* [2905961] ESC key now works correctly in View Entry when in RO mode.
* [2873106] Export XML warnings now consistent with Export Text's.
* [2872829] Duplicating an entry now copies the password policy as well.
* [2872602] Preferences are now correctly deleted from the Windows registry if they match the default (when registry is enabled).
* [2870059] When an entry is highlighted during Find, the Toolbar and menu items now reflect its contents.
* [2868278] Minimize via the system menu, SystemTray menu and system control box button now locks the database if the preference 'Lock on Minimize' is set.
* [2868244] Change font dialogs now work again.
* Import from a text file with non-Latin text now works correctly.
* No longer complains about WTS service in pre-XP versions of Windows.
* Filters containing tests on the entry type are now correctly exported to XML.
* Validate of Password History (-v command line flag) now removes history fields with invalid dates or empty old password fields.
* Fix match test 'does not begin with' - used in filters and restricting entries exported to Text or XML.
* Fixed icons display in List view.

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