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Password Safe 3.17

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Password Safe 3.17  Cambio de registro

Bugs fixed in 3.17
[2750090] Using SaveAs now unlocks original database on successful
completion of the save.
[2689144] PWS no longer goes into a loop if the main menu has not yet
been displayed when accessing the recent entries via the system tray icon.
[2664657] Installer now prompts for elevation to administrator rights
on Windows Vista.
[2664703] Load base locale DLL if can't find a specific sub-locale version.
[2657132] View Reports no longer causes application crash.
[] Correct DragBar bitmaps for a new database.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.17
[] When doing a Browse to URL, the password of the current entry is
copied to the clipboard. This is action is not performed if the Browse
is invoked from the Edit dialog box.
[] Shortcut 'Ctrl+B' (Manage Menu->Backup) has been removed. Shortcut
'Ctrl+R' (Manage Menu->Restore) has been re-assigned to the new "Run
Command" function.

New Features for 3.17
[1954166] New preference to control word wrap in the Notes field in
Add & Edit. This can be overridden for a specific entry by
right-clicking in the Notes field.
[1533621, 1722481] There's a new, "Browse+" action that combines
browsing to an entry's URL and entering the username, password,
etc. in a single operation. Note that this does not work (yet) for all
browsers and all sites. See help for details.
[1405326] Add new field 'Run Command' to allow arbitrary commands,
such as terminal emulators, etc. to be executed via Ctrl+R or from the
Edit menu. See help for details.
[] Implement "Find Up" via clicking Find toolbar button with Shift key down
or pressing 'Shift+F3' for repeat find up.
[] Allow users to set their own shortcut keys for menu items. Select via

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