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Miranda 0.8.0

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Miranda 0.8.0  Cambio de registro


# Support for multiple accounts (without dll renaming) for all protocols
# SSL support has been added to the core
# Support for compressed HTTP transactions
# AIM: Unicode messaging, status messages, profiles
# AIM: Offline messaging
# AIM: Set/retrieve status message for any status
# AIM: Ability to set your own avatar
# AIM: Privacy settings & lists support
# AIM: Server groups support
# AIM: Group Chat support
# AIM: SSL server connection support
# ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
# ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
# ICQ: New offline messages protocol (supports unicode)
# ICQ: New user details protocol support (fully unicode aware)
# ICQ: Added support for status notes & moods
# ICQ: URL events are now received as normal messages
# ICQ: Ability to send/receive contacts to/from ICQ6 and AIM
# ICQ: Server-list support now groups requests
# IRC: IRC servers now stored in the database
# IRC: Filter for IRC channel list
# IRC: Enhanced identd processing
# IRC: Added menu item for nickserv commands
# IRC: Auto request client info on adding to contacts or private message
# IRC: Enhanced WhoIs request
# IRC: CTCP events are shown in the server window
# IRC: Close windows with ESC button
# IRC: Quick Connect now allows manual input of server parameters
# Jabber: Bunch of new XMPP extensions implemented (XEPs: 70, 83, 108, 147, 184, 224, 232 and other)
# Jabber: Massive improvements in filetransfers
# Jabber: Improved GnuPG messages handling (using SecureIM/GPG plugins)
# Jabber: Localized server messages support (xml:lang, RFC 3920 section 4.4)
# Jabber: Server side notes (Miranda own extension)
# Jabber: Ability to invite chat users to another rooms
# Jabber: Directed presences, ability to change connection priority
# Jabber: Display active resource of user in message window
# Jabber: Jabber VCard moved integrated with user details
# Jabber: Redesigned almost all dialogs (roster editor, bookmarks, privacy lists, groupchat join, user info and other)
# Jabber: Redesigned menus (main menu in status bar, privacy lists menu, custom status, priority menu, groupchat menus and other)
# Jabber: Added new and updated old icons, improvements in UI
# Jabber: Added hotkeys and toolbar buttons
# Jabber: Options to auto-accept authorization requests and auto-reject invites to conferences
# Jabber: CTRL key shows disabled items in most menus
# Jabber: Various improvements in groupchats (show online status, improved topic and nick change dialogs and other)
# Jabber: Improved remote controlling (resources in forwarded messages, keep last options, leave groupchats)
# Jabber: Added display of quit messages, ability to send quit and “slap” messages
# Jabber: “Use hostname as resource” option
# Jabber: Improvements in XML Console (filters, formatting)
# Jabber: Ability to show jabber presence subscription states and errors
# MSN: Rewritten to support WLM 8.5 protocol (and all it features)
# MSN: Offline messaging
# MSN: Added Hotmail Notifier functionality
# Yahoo: Added Yahoo 9.x protocol support
# Yahoo: File transfer overhauled with support for batches of files
# Yahoo: Added user info dialog for Yahoo that shows more detailed information
# Yahoo: Improved support for HTTP proxies
# Yahoo: Yahoo Japan support
# Yahoo: Yahoo now provides a Unicode version


# ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
# ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
# Jabber: Fixed various serious bugs (accidental account unregister, message sender spoofing, roster access by remote users)
# Jabber: Fixed wrong timestamps in offline and forwarded messages, fixed xmpp time answers
# Jabber: Various connection stability fixes (XMPP ping, ZLib keepalive and other)
# Jabber: Fixed chat issues with autojoin and unstable connection
# Jabber: Fixed displaying of active resource (including software info) in contact list
# Yahoo: Tons of bug fixes

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