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Miranda 0.7.0

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Miranda 0.7.0  Cambio de registro

- Added Gadu-Gadu protocol support
- Improved Unicode support
- Messages and other events are now stored as UTF-8
- New icon manager allows more icon skinning possibilities
- Centralized font manager added to the options to manage fonts for all services
- New avatar and image handling core plugins to better manage avatars
- Improved memory and threading support
- Menus are now customizable
- Improved contact list plugin support
- Implemented a new memory mapped database driver
- Improved uPnP support
- New plugin identification API
- ICQ: Oscar File Transfers - like ICQ 5
- ICQ: Client detection improvements
- ICQ: Level 1 Rate management (global)
- ICQ: Ability to send long offline messages (up to 4096 characters)
- ICQ: Support for AIM contacts enhanced
- ICQ: Better support for Miranda Ignore module
- ICQ: URL events are now received as normal messages
- Import: Supports UTF-8 and improved import speed
- IRC: True Unicode support for servers with UTF-8 channels
- IRC: Ability to set a codepage for a server and to convert a text from ASCII to Unicode properly
- Jabber: Ability to choose contacts's resource to send message
- Jabber: Bookmarks storage support (XEP-0048)
- Jabber: Last activity support (XEP-0012)
- Jabber: Jabber search (XEP-0055)
- Jabber: Proper data forms support (XEP-0004)
- Jabber: Transport gateway recognition
- Jabber: Vcard in jabber chatrooms
- Jabber: Ability to revoke authorization from a contact
- Jabber: Entity time support (XEP-0202)
- Jabber: Ad-hoc commands implementation (XEP-0050)
- Jabber: Traffic compression (XEP-0138)
- Jabber: Full support for socks5-bytestreams filetransfers (XEP-0065)
- Jabber: In band bytestreams filetransfers support (XEP-0047)
- Jabber: Entity capabilities support (XEP-0115 v1.3)
- Jabber: User moods (XEP-0107)
- Jabber: User tunes (XEP-0118, via ListeningTo plugin)
- Jabber: Personal eventing protocol support (XEP-0163)
- Jabber: Proper priority support (inc. negative priority) and displaing, priority change without reconnect
- Jabber: Combobox with most popular resources in options
- Jabber: Redesigned options dialogs
- Jabber: Chat state notifications support (XEP-0085)
- Jabber: Self contact support in a contact list
- Jabber: Show participants real jid, affiliation/role and status messages in group chat
- Jabber: Privacy lists (XEP-0016)
- Jabber: Brand new service discovery, transports discovery
- Jabber: Remote controlling clients (XEP-0146)
- Jabber: Roster editor + backup/restore feature
- Jabber: Protocol status show in group chat
- Jabber: Pre-filled text controls in change nickname + set topic dialogs in group chat
- Jabber: Delayed delivery support (XEP-0203)
- Jabber: XML Console
- Jabber: Option to disable sharing OS version information
- Jabber: Partial extended stanza addressing support (XEP-0033)
- Jabber: Message receipts preliminary support (XEP-0184, experimental)
- Jabber: XMPP ping support (XEP-0199)
- Jabber: XMPP Basic Client 2008 (XEP-0211)
- Jabber: XMPP Intermediate IM Client 2008 (XEP-0213)
- Jabber: Redesigned group chat invitation dialog with ability to invite multiple users
- Jabber: Show ban reason in group chat
- Jabber: Folders plugin support
- MSN: Offline messaging (send/receive)
- MSN: SMS messaging (send/receive)
- MSN: Passport 3.0 authentication
- MSN: JPEG avatar reception
- MSN: Any size avatar support
- MSN: Robustness improvements to P2P connections
- MSN: MSN Alerts
- MSN: Unicode Hotmail Notifications
- Yahoo: Yahoo Client 7.x protocol support (client identification, protocol version, supported services upgraded to support this)
- Yahoo: Avatar code cleanup/rewrite.
- Yahoo: Avatar improvements (new AVS Support, different file caching strategy)
- Yahoo: Adding pingbacks to signal errors during login.
- Yahoo: Using "First Name and Last Name" as the Nick when somebody adds us.
- Yahoo: Adding E-mail count service support
- Yahoo: New Icons from Angi
- Yahoo: Use japan mail server for those who set options that they are using Japan servers

- IRC: Special symbols and cyrillic/chinese/japanese characters were handled incorrectly
- ICQ: Fixed disconnections on long messages
- ICQ: Fixed peer-to-peer session cookie checking
- ICQ: Fixed SMS message handling
- ICQ: Applied fix for re-requesting authorization
- ICQ: Fixed handling of message acks & status message replies from ICQ 6
- ICQ: Fixed handling of malformed messages acks
- ICQ: Minor fixes for Popup plugin support
- ICQ: Minor protocol related tweaks
- ICQ: Fixed possible lags caused by typing notifications (on slow connections)
- ICQ: Fixed message handling (fixes bug used for stealth invisibility detection)
- ICQ: Several fixes to Rate Level 2 handling - more propper handling of message responses
- ICQ: Fixed possible crashes caused by malformed langpacks
- Jabber: Proper message delivery verification support, no more timeouts
- Jabber: Proper handling of conference nicknames, including storing nicks to a roster
- Jabber: Fixed group chat deadlocks
- Jabber: Fixed private messages in groupchats
- Jabber: Fixed NTLM authentication
- Jabber: Fixed owner and admin list handling in groupchats
- Jabber: Fixed jabber status message reading
- Jabber: Proper status and away message displaying in contact list if more then one JID's resource available
- Jabber: Fixed freezing miranda in jabber search dialog
- Jabber: Removed search validation via vcards
- MSN: P2P file/avatar transfer issues
- MSN: Message timeout issues
- MSN: Fixed lost message issues
- Yahoo: Buffer overflow in incoming IM
- Yahoo: Lots of bug fixes

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