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Kaspersky Antivirus Beta  Cambio de registro

24824 (KAV) The window "Interactive protection" does not hide (PIW settings override in PDM)
24175 The label "Stop Scan", if pressed for prolonged time periods mixes up GUI
24382 Kaspersky Anti-Virus will return in 7.0
24728 German capitalization problems in text entries
24814 fr: Normal boundaries are not observed in GUI (attach)
24851 Request to pull up german text, or make window bigger
24861 Crashes on IE 7 because of scrchpg.dll
24867 Incorrect popup window in the germain build of Parental Controls
24880 PDM: driver installation is not detected
24888 fr, de: strange symbols after wording
24891 Updater: Incorrect ID is passed onto the update server (incorrect key)
24892 GUI process hangs after crashing (Vista Logo Test: 32)
24585 ODS: On alert "Launch Advanced Desinfection" the name of the module is not visible
24872 Exclusion rules do not work when changing the port number
24899 (VISTA) crash of msiexec when upgrading on build 109
24910 Firewall: the rule does not work if there are russian letters in folder names
24914 Pressing "Details" in the balloon opens up an icorrect window
24922 GUI, Fr: On the PDM alert, Hidden Object contains incorrect verdict
23385 Broken language shifter of keyboard languages en\ru and ru\en
24547 The border is not drawn properly when "Use System Colors" unchecked
24901 Deinstalling version 7 the registry keys are deleted, which are needed for AdminKit to work
24929 No separate notification settings for Parenal Control
24937 Crashed trying to scan MyComputer

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