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Kaspersky Antivirus Beta  Cambio de registro

- 18420 RegGuard, updater: Custom userrules are deleted during update
- 18885 SUPPORT: PDM alert: invader
- 19215 Impossible to set protection password to empty
- 19270 PDM: file avp.exe, Verdict "Potentially Dangerous Software: Private data and passwd access"
- 19295 Prague: Missing correct multibyte support
- 19324 PDM: alerts on msmsgs.exe even though its whitelisted
- 19331 HELP: Errors on page Determining a security zone status
- 19332 HELP: Errors on page Creating a list of network applications
- 19340 Vista: BSOD when PDM alert is active
- 19351 "Password protection" dialogs are missing help links
- 19352 Missing help for email notification settings dialog
- 19357 Incorrect error message about licensing components
- 19406 Retranslation for components BB and BB2
- 19417 FS: installing on top of FS 5.77 does not properly import the key
- 19422 FS-Remote install:MS Exclusions are broken, when they are added with %PATH% variable
- 19456 Repication settings do not allow variables in the paths
- 19457 ODS handle leaks when checking on collection
- 19477 In local GUI alert appears about disabled self-defence when disabled by policy

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