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IrfanView 4.20

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IrfanView 4.20  Cambio de registro

-Basic Unicode support added (Properties->Misc 1, thanks to Christophe Paris!)
-New zoom options; improved relative zoom (Properties->Viewing)
-Thumbnails can be sorted manually using drag/drop
-GIF animations can be played in fullscreen/slideshow mode
-New Advanced batch options: Fine rotation, Blur, Median ...
-Option to show TIF Annotations created by Kodak Imaging (Properties->Viewing)
-New JPG save option: Set file size (PlugIn: thanks to Lucian Sabo)
-New save menu: Save for Web (PlugIn: thanks to Lucian Sabo)
-New thumbnails options to disable or configure info text on mouse over
-New edit menu: Auto crop borders (remove outside lines/rows of same color)
-New feature in Canvas dialog: negative border sizes are allowed (border crop)
-New option in Capture dialog: Capture desktop on current monitor only
-New options in Custom selection dialog: Set custom ratio; Save values
-New slideshow option (window mode): Set window position
-New Fullscreen display options: Fit to screen width/height (Hotkeys: 5/6)
-IPTC data in TIF files can be showed (no editing yet)
-Fixed Thumbnails crash on multi core CPUs
-New command line option for EXE Slideshow: /window=(x,y,width,height)
-Option to set Status bar text using placeholders (Properties->Misc 3)
-Option for proportional paste into selection (Properties->Misc 3)
-Support for EXR format (PlugIn)
-Support for MAG format (MAKI, Formats PlugIn)
-Default display option is now: Fit only big images to desktop
-Expanded Copy/Move dialog (4 more folders)
-New Edit menu: Maximize and center selection (hold CTRL to center only)
-New option in Edit Palette dialog: Click on image to find color index
-New Thumbnails menu: Remove selected thumbs from list, Hotkey: Ctrl+Del
-New Thumbnails menu: Save selected files names as TXT
-New Thumbnails menu: Start Panorama dialog with selected files
-The Enhance/Correct colors dialog can be resized/maximized
-Enhanced TIF-LZW saving with 24 BPP images (smaller files are created)
-New command line option: /jpg_rotate=(...values...)
JPG lossless rotation, see i_options.txt for examples
-New command line option: /transpcolor=(r,g,b)
Set transparent color: can be used for GIF/PNG/ICO saving
-New Hotkey: SHIFT + F = Fit only big images to desktop
-New Hotkey: SHIFT + W = Fit images to window
-New Hotkey: NUM-PAD 5 = Scroll to image center
-New Hotkey/Menu: CTRL + N = Open current file in another IrfanView window
-New Thumbnails option: Auto scroll during creation
-New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialog: Append text to old text
-Scan dialog: 'Skip existing files' works also for multipage TIF files
-Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
-Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (scrolling)

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