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IrfanView 2.95

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IrfanView 2.95  Cambio de registro

  • Improved batch conversion ! (Button: Advanced Options) :-)
  • Improved print capabilities (preview :-)
  • Playing audio CDs in background (Menu: Options or File->Open)
  • New option: Color balance (change RGB intensity)
  • New effect: 3D Button
  • The toolbar is now flat
  • New shell options in: properties->extensions->advanced (SendTo, View with ...)
  • New options in the 'Decrease color depth'-Dialog (Custom number of colors)
  • New option in Properties->GIF: Show transparency in single images
  • New viewing option: Show filename transparent: y/n (in Properties->Viewing)
  • Some command line problems are fixed
  • Exit fullscreen mode with: left mouse click in the left/right upper corner
  • New hotkey: C (for Options->Capture)
  • New hotkey: CTRL+A (for File->Acquire)

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