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New Features

Online status for unattended clients

Until now the Hamachi client started automatically as a service and the client went online when you started or restarted your computer. As of this release, the Hamachi client for Free users only goes online in Hamachi networks if you log in to the computer that runs the Hamachi client. This feature only affects Windows and Mac users whose computers require them to log in with their user credentials.

System notifications

The client now displays system notifications in a popup window whenever there are important changes in Hamachi that LogMeIn wants to communicate.

Copy and ping peers by Client ID

You can now use mDNS or LLMNR to address your peers by their client ID rather than their dynamic virtual IP address. To do so, the following context menu options have been added to the Hamachi client:

  • Ping [ClientID]
  • Copy [ClientID]

[ClientID] stands for the Hamachi client ID of the peer. For example, you can ping a peer by right-clicking your peer’s name and clicking Ping 123-456-789.


Hamachi clients move to the 25.x.x.x IP range

As of November 19, 2012, Hamachi clients will have their virtual IP addresses changed from 5.x.x.x to 25.x.x.x. This change will have no effect on your Hamachi networks.

IPv6 address for the default gateway of the Hamachi adapter

As of this release, an IPv6 default gateway is set for the Hamachi network adapter when the IP protocol is configured to IPv6-only or Both mode. You can set the IP protocol mode in System > Preferences > Settings > Advanced Settings > Peer Connections.


Unsuccessful client update on Fedora Linux

In some rare cases, the downloaded client update was not installed successfully and, as a result, the Hamachi client did not start on Fedora Linux computers.

Menu available in offline mode on Mac clients

When a client was installed for the first time, the System > Attach to LogMeIn account menu was available on Mac clients even if the client was offline.

Client user interface issues on Windows

In some cases, when an unexpected error occurred and the LogMeIn Hamachi service restarted the client interface, the client was resized, opened at a different location in the screen, and certain user interface configurations were not taken into account.

Hamachi Client Failing to Connect to the Hamachi Engine

In some cases, the Hamachi client was not able go online and displayed the following error:

Failed to connect to engine

By improving the client connection method it is now less likely to get this error.

Hamachi engine and client interface issues on Macs

In some cases, the Hamachi engine and the client stopped working due to an unexpected error.

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