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Hamachi  Cambio de registro

  • Re-created the Hamachi driver digital signature. It should now be possible to install it on Vista x64 without disabling "driver signature enforcement" on a boot.
  • Added hamachi-override.ini options to allow changing the text and the background colors in Hamachi chat windows. This is done by adding the following entries to hamachi-override.ini -
  • ChatColorLogBack
  • ChatColorLogFore
  • ChatColorLogSelf
  • ChatColorLogPeer
  • ChatColorLogSystem
  • ChatColorLogNetwork
  • ChatColorLogHistory
  • Back is a color of a background of both the top and the bottom chat panes. Fore is a text color of the bottom pane. Self is a color of local IMs in the top pane, Peer - of the remote ones. System is a color of system messages (such as 'xyz is online'). Network is a color of dministrative messages when in a network chat mode. History is a color of a chat log when it is loaded in a top pane via 'Load History'right-click menu option. is in a hexadecimal format - RRGGBB or RGB - the same format used by HTML, CSS and a multitude of graphical editors. Red is FF0000 or F00, cyan is 00FFFF or 0FF, white is FFF, black is 000, etc
  • Fixed a problem with clients sometimes not being able to communicate after F5 was used to rebuild an existing _working_ tunnel.
  • Fixed chat module to gracefully fail sending IMs when the remote peer disables Chat via its Hamachi Preferences.
  • Updated few translations - Italian, Polish, Serbian and Ukrainian.
  • Handful of small UI tweaks

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