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Gaim 2.7.3

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Gaim 2.7.3  Cambio de registro

* General
- Use silent build rules for automake >1.11. You can enable verbose builds with the --disable-silent-rules configure option, or using make V=1.

* libpurple
- Fix the TURN server settings (broken in 2.7.0).

* Pidgin
- Re-focus the input area after clicking the attention toolbar button.
- Re-arrange media window to make it more netbook-friendly.

* Finch
- Rebindable 'suggest-next-page' and 'suggest-prev-page' actions for textboxes (GntEntry) to scroll through list of suggestions.
- Rebindable 'dropdown' action for comboboxes (GntComboBox?) to show the dropdown list of options.

- Fix non-ASCII arguments to /mode et al. (thanks to Max Ulidtko)

- Support for web-based buddy icons, used when a buddy logs in to the messenger on the Live website.
- Fix file transfers with some clients that don't support direct connections (e.g., papyon, telepathy-butterfly, etc.) (#12150)

* MXit
- Fix filename for the Shocked emoticon. (#12364)
- Implement the new naming conventions where possible. (MXitId, etc)
- Display a message in the Groupchat window when you invite somebody.
- Birthday field in profile cannot be edited when server says it is locked.
- If a buddy is offline, show in their profile when last they were online.
- Handle pushed profile update packets (ie, when changing your avatar via the Gallery bot).
- If a buddy is offline and we see from their profile that they have updated their avatar, request the new avatar image from the server.
- Fix a possible crash if a link is clicked while disconnected.
- Unescape any escaped characters in a chatroom nickname.
- Add the new MXit moods and emoticons.
- MXit emoticons added to the small emoticon theme.

- Allow connecting to servers that only advertise GSSAPI and expect a fallback to legacy IQ authentication (broken in 2.7.0).
- Fix a crash when receiving custom emoticons that don't adhere to the specification.
- When initiating a file transfer, don't show resources that are certain to not support file transfers in the resource selection dialog.
- Fix connecting to servers using BOSH and authenticating with DIGEST-MD5 when libpurple was built with Cyrus SASL support.

* Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN
- Renamed "Use account proxy for SSL connections" to "Use account proxy for HTTP and HTTPS requests" and tied the option to HTTP requests too.
- Properly detect HTTP proxy server use when the HTTP proxy is the global proxy server, an account-level non-HTTP proxy server is configured, and the "Use account proxy for HTTP and HTTPS requests" account option is turned off. This fixes connecting for some HTTP proxy servers.
- Fall back to connecting to (not configurable) if the HTTP-based connect server lookup fails. This does not work for Yahoo JAPAN accounts.
- Fix file transfers that get stuck with "Waiting for transfer to begin".

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