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Gaim 2.5.4

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Gaim 2.5.4  Cambio de registro

* Fix a connection timeout with empty Gadu-Gady buddy lists. (Martin
* Don't ignore namespace information when parsing XMPP data. (Michal
* Fix a crash that occurred when retrieving certain Offline Messages
on MSN.
* Extended purple-url-handler to handle "gtalk" URI's. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix the hang on exit in Network Location Awareness for Windows XP
and Windows Vista. (Paul Aurich)

* Change Contact Server to temporarily fix connection problems.
(Thanks to Youness Alaoui)

* Support for XEP-0191 blocking. (Vijay Raghunathan)
* Don't put SASL PLAIN or IQ Auth passwords in debug logs. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix removal of avatars (both PEP and vCard), we weren't removing
them correctly before. (Paul Aurich)

* Fix a crash in the Add Account dialog when changing protocols under
certain circumstances.

* Redirect stderr outputs to the debug window.
* Fix rebinding actions with the arrow-keys and tab.

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