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DivX 6.2

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DivX 6.2  Cambio de registro

  • A new encoder preset option allows you to quickly configure the encoder based upon your preference for encoding speed and video quality
  • The DivX community codec replaces the current free version of DivX, offering a wider range of performance and quality options for free through encoder presets
  • Multithreaded resize filters have been added for improved performance on all HyperThreaded (HT), dual CPU (SMP) and dual core processors
  • A new \"Enhanced multithreading\" option capable of increasing encoding rate depending on system configuration and encoding environment
  • A new \"Enhance texture\" psychovisual enhancement method that improves picture details around keyframes and reduces the appearance of stray blocks under fast motion when encoding at lower bitrates
  • MMX optimizations for the MPEG quantization method
  • The DivX decoder can anonymously check for updates to the DivX codec, ensuring you are always notified of newer versions
  • Fixed a problem where multiple instances of the feedback window would cause the encoder to fail
  • Fixed a problem where very old DivX 5.0 content might not be decoded correctly
  • The encoder GUI now adapts to screen resolutions of 800x600 or lower
  • Bitrate modulation for multipass nth pass encoding is now preset at an optimal value for quality. As a result, this option has been removed from the user interface
  • The DivX Pro 6 month trial has been replaced by a 15 day trial, which can be started from the DivX encoder GUI, rather than during installation. This is because a much wider range of features are now available for free in the community codec. Previously installed 6 month trials will be honored.

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